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Category Three Club Membership

Category Three Membership is for anyone involved in a club who isn’t covered by Category One or Category Two Membership.

Activate your online account

Existing Category Three Club members! Activate your free online account today to access a range of benefits such as discounts and offers. Sign up by clicking here. You will need your Swim England membership number to enter when prompted. If you already have a swimming.org account log in here, access your profile and click the Just Swim membership box.

Category Three Membership: £5.20*
People who may need Category Three Membership
Parents/Guardians of existing members ✔Administrators ✔Associate Members ✔
Coaches ✔Honorary Members ✔Life Members ✔
Officers ✔Qualified officials of any discipline ✔Patrons ✔
Teachers ✔Vice-Presidents ✔Tutors ✔
All Benefits of Category Three Membership
Ability to volunteer in a Swim England club
Club Liability insurance cover
Access to the Individual Membership System
Ability to act as club officer
Up to £20million Management Liability Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Discounts on private health care with HMCA
Discounts on travel insurance with Adrenaline Travel
All Just Swim membership benefits

How to become a member

You become a Category Three Swim England member through your local aquatics club. Go to Pool Finder to locate your nearest pool and find the clubs that use them. Then get in contact about becoming a member.

*This is the Swim England annual membership fee. This excludes your region, county and club membership fees.