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Q&A: Active Nation discuss their Learn to Swim Management System Review with us

We caught up with Roger Michie, Commercial Director at Active Nation to discuss the reasons for carrying out the Learn to Swim Management System Review and the benefits they have gained from doing the review.

Active Nation is a sport and exercise charity on a mission to inspire the nation to improve its health and wellbeing.

Q1. Why did you want to carry out a Learn to Swim Management System Review?

For several reasons, the main one being the importance of the Learn to Swim Programme to the charity in respect of achieving its mission and financial strategy.

We could also see that an unnecessary amount of time was being spent on administration, when a fully operational swim management system, which was implemented consistently across the sites, would allow the skilled and dedicated swim teachers to spend time with their swimmers rather than behind desks.

Q2. Why did you choose Swim England to carry out this review?

We chose Swim England because they have a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who understand best practices, and what is required to support businesses to operate more efficiently to enable the delivery of high-quality swimming provision.

Working with individuals who understand the challenges we face in the delivery of the service is hugely important. And this gives us the confidence that the recommendations made will be beneficial to both the organisation and the supporters.

Q3. What happened after you received the review and recommendations?

We decided to ask Swim England to make our system changes because it was obvious from the recommendations made following the review that the opportunities were huge, both from an efficiency and a quality perspective.

Recommendations given are based on evidence and data, not just personal opinion, and that is invaluable.

Active Nation holds great value to the partnership with Swim England, and there is an immense trust that the recommendations and guidance provided by the team are the best available.

Q4. What have the benefits of this process been?

The Learn to Swim Management System Review and system changes have benefited us by delivering a much-improved service to our supporters through a more effective booking system and better communication. Plus a much more consistent delivery of all aspects of the Learn to Swim Programme.

Since the changes have been implemented we have had growth in the Learn to Swim Programme, and an increase in annual revenue of over £90,000 has been achieved. All from an investment of less than £4,000.

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