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Learn to Swim Management System Review

Swim England will review your Learn to Swim management system and recommend improvements. There are two phases, with phase two being optional.

Phase one

This is an analysis of your lesson management software and processes, and will review and report on the following areas:

  • Membership configuration/options
  •  E-mail triggers
  • Learn to Swim Awards set ups
  • Course/class set ups including Swim England Programme updates
  • Cancellation/catch-up lessons
  • Waiting List management
  • Private Lesson Management
  • Crash Course Management

Phase two

This phase is optional and conducted in line with your business needs. Swim England will work with you to make the changes to your system and procedures, our ongoing support will ensure that any changes are embedded into your practices to ensure you are using your system in the most efficient way possible.

Benefits to your business

  • Efficiency: Increases efficiency by ensuring management systems are set up to their full potential.
  • Time: Saves valuable team time and frees them up to focus on developing your programme.
  • Reporting: Will ensure clean data is available allowing for easier and more accurate reporting.
  • Sales Process: Introduces the Sales Cycle ​allowing for more seamless movement through the programme, opening up more sales opportunities.
  • Staffing: Reduces the impact of coordinator sickness/annual leave by using a team approach.
  • Consistency: Ensures a standard of consistency across your lessons and pools.
  • Waiting Lists: Reduces waiting lists and supports correct management.
  • Retention: Retention in your programme improved.
  • Learn to Swim Award Sales: Ensure Awards are linked to the correct Stage and/or competencies, increasing Award sales.
  • Quest/Affiliation: Supports with meeting assessment criteria.

Read the Q&A article with Roger Michie, Commercial Director at Active Nation, as he discusses the benefits and outcomes of their Learn to Swim Management System review and the implementation of recommendations.

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