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Aquatic Latent Demand

Swim England has developed a new Aquatic Latent Demand product to empower learn to swim providers to understand their true market potential, and therefore help more children to learn to swim.

What is it?

Aquatic Latent Demand will be delivered as a detailed report that will give learn to swim providers accurate market penetration rates and targets per facility, allowing providers to truly understand their potential market and set achievable goals for the future. It will be delivered by the Swim England Business Engagement Team, as part of the ‘Business Solutions’ suite of products.

The Aquatic Latent Demand tool is used to understand the true latent demand of a learn to swim programme using the following factors as part of the methodology:

  • Local population data.
  • Catchment area.
  • Water space data
  • Local competitor analysis.
  • Likelihood to enrol – exclusive Swim England insight.
  • Deprivation.
  • Impact of local demographics inc ethnicity, gender, IMD, age.

Who is it for and how to purchase?

Aquatic Latent Demand reports are available for learn to swim providers that own, operate or have access to a facility with a swimming pool. The reports are part of the ‘Business Solutions’ services and our prices are reflective of our commitment to support financial sustainability in the sector by offering best price significantly under market value.

▶️ Watch James Paramore catch up with Simon Ferrarelli from Barnsley Premier Leisure about their Aquatic Latent Demand reports.

To find out more about Aquatic Latent Demand and to get a quote please contact us below.