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Learn to Swim Scheme of Work

A scheme of work is a structured document that swimming teachers can use to ensure their swimming lessons are progressive and assessment standards are met.

What is it?

A detailed scheme of work linked to the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme considering the Introduce, Develop, and Master (IDM) concept. For stroke development we will be following the BLABT principle, initially focusing on Body position, Leg and Arm action, Breathing technique, and Timing.

Key benefits to you?

A scheme of work gives you the confidence that your teaching team are delivering a consistent programme ensuring that the same standards and expectations are maintained across your portfolio of pools. Other benefits include:

  • Consistent approach by all teachers
  • Organised lesson structure
  • Building blocks to lesson planning
  • Ensure all skills and outcomes are covered during the term

To find out more about the Learn to Swim Scheme of Work and get a quote please get in touch with us below.