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Business Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Business Solutions?

Working collaboratively with partners throughout the sector, we offer a supportive approach to business growth and strategic development. Harnessing an insight led methodology, the business solution aims to incorporate industry-leading insight, experience and best practice knowledge to help operators create sustainable solutions to aquatic business development. We work with you – for you. We want to share the aspirations of your organisation, to grow aquatic provisions, in turn increasing the opportunity for swimming within a locality and strengthening the financial position of the operator.

Practically this is presented in two main ways, firstly full-service consultancy reports and secondly via our menu of opportunities that highlight a variety of products and services to support your business development needs and maximise your aquatic assets.

To find out how we could help, please contact business.solutions@swimming.org.

How long does a typical project last?

All projects are bespoke to each partner and the associated objectives, so the length will vary accordingly. However, a detailed action plan and timeline will be agreed upon at the start of the project.

Regardless of the length of each project, Swim England will support partners post-delivery of objectives over the long-term and connect to wider support available from the national governing body and key external stakeholders.

How do I know what is for me?

If you are aiming to maximise your aquatic assets and explore growth opportunities, then business solutions is likely for you. With a variety of products and services available there are lots of options for every type of aquatic asset, budget and organisational type.

However, we recommend a free consultation with our dedicated engagement team to explore your needs and help tailor any support, get in contact with us using the below details.

What if I want something not on the product menu?

Swim England’s consultative partner approach will ensure that all products and services are bespoke to each partner, so if you have a need that you feel isn’t met by the menu of opportunities, then please reach out and we can arrange a follow-up call.

Many of our existing products and service have been created response as a response to partner requests and needs.

How much does it cost?

Prices are available upon request for each product and service. Many of the products and services are free to access.

Any Swim England partners will also qualify for preferential pricing options. Contact us at business.solutions@swimming.org for more information.

What if I want to do more solutions later on?

All products and services can be picked up at any point to support your strategic direction. Each project will include post-delivery support from Swim England’s dedicated engagement team.

If there’s anything we haven’t answered, feel free to get in contact with us.