Stage 2 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework

During Stage 2 swimmers will develop safe entries to the water and will continue to practice floating, travel and rotation in the water. Remember swimmers can still use aids e.g. arm bands and floats to help complete this stage.


By the end of Stage 2 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework, your pupils should have reached 10 outcomes (full details are contained in the Teacher's Complete Framework). Swimmers can complete outcomes with or without aids, equipment or support:

1. Jump in from poolside safely
2. Blow bubbles a minimum of three times rhythmically with nose and mouth submerged
3. Regain upright position from the back without support
4. Regain an upright position from the front without support
5. Push from wall and glide on the back
6. Push from wall and glide on the front
7. Travel on the back for 5 metres, aids or equipment may be used
8. Travel on the front for 5 metres, aids or equipment may be used
9. Perform a rotation from the front to the back to gain an upright position
10. Perform a rotation from the back to the front to gain an upright position

Don't forget a child who can complete all of these outcomes is eligible for an ASA National Plan Award for Stage 2. You can also encourage them through the stage with an ASA Rainbow Distance Award 5m and the Water Skills Award Grade 1.


So let's make Stage 2 fun with a little game of "Dinner on a plate". 

Place a small floating toy on each player’s float. Players travel with the feet off the floor, kicking and holding the float very still so the toy does not fall off. Repeat until chosen number of toys has been carried or turn the game into a relay.

"Dinner on a plate" helps your pupils to develop kicking and buoyancy among other skills and is a great way to get them to travel on their front for five metres.

More details on the FUNdamental Movement Skills of this game, along with teaching tips on equipment, rules and safety and ways to make the game easier or harder can be found in the ASA Learn to Swim Framework Games Pack.

Tips for Stage 2

Many parents may not like to see their child playing games in your lessons so if you can take the time to explain children are more likely to learn in a fun environment. Many schools use games in the classroom and it is no different in swimming. Educate parents that your games have a teaching purpose and help the swimmers develop specific skills. As long as parents can see progress they are usually pleased so your challenge is to make the lessons fun for the children but ensure parents can see progress.

Teacher's Guide

If you are looking for the most relevant information about how to deliver the NPTS then make sure you read the Teacher's Complete Framework, while theiosonline offers the most up-to-date training around the framework.

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