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Preparing For The First Lesson

If you are seeking advice on preparing your child for his or her first swimming lesson then read on.

Many parents worry about their child's first swimming lesson, it's only normal. But don't worry. Children love the water and yours will soon find their water wings.

Learn about the top five things that make up a quality swimming lesson.We receive a lot of questions from parents about preparing their children for their first lesson.

Below you can find the most popular swimming lesson questions we receive along with our answers. We hope you find them useful.

Baby's first lesson

My baby had his first swimming lesson and ever since he's cried when bathed. What's happened?

There could be a number of reasons for this, however try to reassure your child by making bath time and getting into the pool fun.

Play with toys they enjoy in the bath and try singing or engaging them in an activity. Swim a Song might give you more ideas.

Many babies go through a stage where they are afraid of water so be reassured you are not alone and try and ensure bath time and swimming are relaxing and fun experiences.

Can I get a waterproof nappy for my baby while they are swimming?

Yes, swim nappies are available from most major stores that sell baby items. Many swimming pools also sell them.

Getting Started

How young can my child start 'proper' lessons?

Many pools run baby/toddler swimming sessions for children from six months.

In these sessions ‘core aquatic skills’ are developed that are an essential part of learning to swim.

Skills include buoyancy, balance, streamlining and how to travel in the water. Confident toddlers often progress to a stage where they are swimming without buoyancy aids in these sessions so I would suggest these are indeed 'proper lessons'.

Look for centres near you that deliver the British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Pathway and use the Duckling Awards

My child sits on the edge refusing to go in. What can I do to encourage my child into the pool?

Try relating it to a fun activity that you do in the bath. Instead of using the side, go in via the steps. Allow them time to adjust and get in when they feel ready rather than rushing them.

Equipment and Costumes

Does my child need prescription swimming glasses? Where do you buy them?

If your child wears glasses every day then it may be appropriate for them to get prescription goggles. Your optician will help find a suitable provider.

I have been told my toddler needs either a wetsuit or a snugg. Surely the 30° water is warm enough for my daughter?

It will depend on the amount of time that your child spends in the water and how active they are, many toddlers enjoy swimming without having a wetsuit or snugg.

A wetsuit or similar will allow them to keep warm and enjoy the time in the water over 15 minutes and some swimming programmes do recommend wetsuits.