ASA England Talent Synchro

The ASA England Talent Synchro Programme delivers high-quality training and competition for the most promising young synchronised swimmers in England.

The current Programme features three levels:

  • England Development (first level) featuring 12-20 athletes of any age.
  • England Age Group (second level) featuring 10-16 athletes, aged between 13 and 15 years.
  • England Junior (third level) featuring 10-20 athletes, all older than 15 years. Check out the England Junior swimmers Genevieve Randall and Jodie Cowie’s Duet performance from the Baku 2015 European Games at the top of the page.

Athletes are selected from their performances at the ASA National Age Group Championships and a further selection camp following the Championships.

Selection is based on a number of physiological, technical and psychological factors as well as factors such as compatibility and work ethic.

Athletes selected for the squads will continue to work with their home clubs, but will also train at a mixture of camps and weekends, approximately 25 contact days.

The England Talent Synchro squads are coached by staff from the four synchronised swimming beacon programmes and managed by the ASA Talent Development Officer.

The vision for the ASA England Talent Synchro Programme is to improve general level of athletes in figures and routines, educate and prepare athletes for the next level of the performance pathway, prepare athletes to compete internationally and keep talented athletes engaged within a National programme.

  • Click here to download the full overview for the ASA England Talent Synchro Programme for 2015.

Take a look at who is training in the three squads for 2015 below:

England Talent Synchro Training Squads 2015

Junior Training Squad

  • Phoebe Bradley-Smith (Co Birmingham)
  • Jorja Brown (Rushmoor)
  • Danielle Cooper (Rushmoor)
  • Jodie Cowie (Rushmoor)
  • Emma Critchley (Reading)
  • Celina Dembinska-Kenner (Rushmoor)
  • Millie Grinham (Rushmoor)
  • Greta Hampson (Co Leeds / Salford)
  • Claire Harris (Aquavision)
  • Lara Hockin (Rushmoor)
  • Zoe James (Rushmoor)
  • Esme Lower (Reading Royals)
  • Genevieve Randall (Bristol Central)
  • Hannah Randall (Rushmoor)
  • Rebecca Richardson (Co Leeds)
  • Victoria Usher (Reading Royals)

Age Group Squad

  • Niamh Allanson-Campbell (Bristol Central)
  • Sophie Freeman (Stockport Metro)
  • Graccia Gardner (Bristol Central)
  • Savannah Gracey (Reading Royals)
  • Rosie Gunn (Portsmouth)
  • Greta Hampson (Co Leeds)
  • Zoe James (Rushmoor)
  • Daniella Lloyd (Bristol Central)
  • Kate Shortman (Bristol Central)
  • Olivia Sissons (Bristol Central)
  • Harriette Smith (Reading Royals)
  • Isabelle Thorpe (Bristol Central)
  • Victoria Usher (Reading Royals)

Development Squad

  • Alyssa Basinger (Reading Royals)
  • Isobel Blinkhorn (Reading Royals)
  • Tilly Budd (Co Leeds)
  • Millicent Costello (Trafford)
  • Mimi Gray (Reading Royals)
  • Sydney-Ann Jackson (Co Birmingham)
  • Cerys Landen (Reading Royals)
  • Hannah Linden (Rugby)
  • Amelia Quinn (Rugby)
  • Ella Rose (Rushmoor)
  • Jessica Smith (Bristol Central)
  • Abigail Taylor (Reading Royals)
  • Anna Welland (Reading Royals)

ASA Beacon Programmes

There are four beacon synchronised swimming programmes which underpin the England Talent programme, hosting regional training days for selected athletes and acting as the first rung of the ladder for the England programme before the England Talent Development Squad.

The objectives of the beacon programmes are to develop pathways with the athletes’ needs firmly centered at the heart of the club.

The four ASA synchronised swimming beacon programmes are:

  • City of Bristol Synchronised Swimming Club
  • City of Leeds Synchronised Swimming Club
  • Reading Royals Synchronised Swimming Club
  • Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club


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