Information for competitors

Information for competitors

Below you can find all documents and information for competitors, coaches or team managers at the 2016 ASA National Age Group Synchronised Swimming Championships.


Swimmers will be required to perform the following figures:

  • 12U: Group 2 – Kip / Walkover Front.
  • 13-15: Group 1 – Heron / Catalina.
  • 15-18/19: Group 2 – Manta Ray / Butterfly.

Entry Documents

Download the event conditions, entry pack or confirmation pack using the following links:

Coach Passes

Every club needs to have a Level 2 Coach on poolside at all times, a Level 1 coach can apply for a coaches pass but they will need to be accompanied by a Level 2 coach at all times.

Only coaches with these qualifications will be issued with a coach pass.

Please contact with any questions about coach passes.

If you have any additional enquiries, please contact


website: Skylab