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Swim England Artistic Swimming Virtual National Junior and Senior Championships 2021

In 2021, Swim England Artistic Swimming National Championships will be held virtually. Swimmers across the country will complete their routines within the comforts of their clubs and will submit the videos of their routines for judges to score virtually.

The top 12 routines in each event will progress to the live showcase virtual event, which will be live streamed via Swim England social media channels on Sunday 26 September 2021 at 10am.

Titles are to be contested in the following four events, with entries accepted from Swim England Category 2 members, Scottish Swimming and Swim Wales equivalent, and countries affiliated to FINA:

Event 1Technical Solo
Event 2Technical Duet
Event 3Technical Mixed Duet (one male and one female)
Event 4Technical Team

Key event documents

Live Virtual Championships

Top 12 routines within each event will progress to the live streamed Championships Final which will be streamed live via Swim England social media channels:

Live streaming will take place on Sunday 26 September 2021 at 10am via England and British Artistic Swimming Facebook page.

Full Results

Event 1 - Technical Solo

RankNameClubRoutine Score
1Robyn SwatmanWalsall74.1997
2Eleanor BlinkhornReading Royals69.4661
3Aimee LawrenceSalford66.4306
4Isobel DaviesCity of Leeds66.1300
5Tara DakovicReading Royals64.3882
6Evie WalkerStockport Metro64.2802
7Millie CostelloCity of Leeds63.0388
8Tilly BuddCity of Leeds61.4975
9Beatrice CrassReading Royals60.6989
10Bethany ThomasNairn60.3554
11Prudence HubbardSalford59.9975
12Tegan SmithCity of Birmingham58.9140
13Niamh PeakmanEdinburgh58.8185
14Corin MacDonaldNairn56.8196
15Jekaterina ZeddamRushmoor55.6039
16Sophie RobinsonGateshead54.2675
17Zoe ParnhamAqualina54.1242
18Lucy ClanfieldRushmoor53.3928
19Marie Ange-SiegfriedCity of Birmingham52.9774
20Risa DarcyRushmoor49.6587
21Eloise SewellAqualina49.3281
22Anna ClemmetsonGateshead44.9355
23Eloise Heathcote-SharifAqualina42.9939

Download the full Technical Solo results (PDF)

Event 2 - Technical Duet

RankNameClubRoutine Score
2Sledge/HughesCity of Bristol68.2086
3Bassinger/RallingsReading Royals66.1344
4Brown/SaundersReading Royals65.6113
7Razzell/GidneyReading Royals63.1129
9Walker/JonesStockport Metro58.4699
10Smith/TaylorCity of Birmingham58.3817
14Hewston/SiegfriedCity of Birmingham54.4527
16Cotgreave/IvoryCity of Birmingham51.5167

Download the full Technical Duet results (PDF)

Event 3 - Technical Mixed Duet

RankNameClubRoutine Score

Download the full Technical Mixed Duet results (PDF)

Event 4 - Technical Team

RankNameClubRoutine Score
1Team 1Reading Royals69.8799
2Team 1Leeds65.7799
3Team 1Salford64.4591
4Team 1Walsall61.7157
5Team 2Reading Royals61.0889
6Team 1Rushmoor60.8864
7Team 1Rugby60.0436
8Team 2Salford 58.3051
9Team 2Rugby57.0163
10Team 1Edinburgh53.8033
11Team 1Stockport Metro50.9778
12Team 2Aqualina49.6119
13Team 1Aqualina45.7764

Download the full Technical Team results (PDF)

About the Swim England Artistic Swimming National Championships

Historically, Swim England Artistic Swimming National Championships are the highest level of domestic competition for English artistic swimmers.

The historic competition would traditionally feature technical and free routine competitions for Solo, Duet and Team events.

The event has been known as the British Synchronised Swimming Championships in the past.

Some of Swim England’s most prestigious trophies – including the Redwood Trophy – have been awarded at the Championships for decades.

In 2019, the Redwood Trophy went to Reading Royals for the first time in almost 20 years.

Isobel Blinkhorn and Cerys Larsen won gold for Reading in the Free Duet Free, while Greta Hampson retained her titles in the Tech and Free Solo.