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Swim England launch Artistic Swimming Boys Project

A project to ‘dispel the myths’ that artistic swimming is a female-only sport in a bid to encourage more males to take part has been launched by Swim England.

Males keen to give the sport a try can take part in a taster session at the British Swimming High Performance Centre in Bristol in January.

It will be led by Great Britain coach Paola Basso and will feature two of the sport’s rising stars – Ranjuo Tomblin and Maxwell Sewell.

The pair are the first males to represent Britain at artistic swimming with Tomblin now training part-time with the senior squad after winning a solo European meal earlier this year.

Alongside the ‘exciting opportunity’ to try out artistic swimming, there will also be a session for boys who are already taking part in the sport and are keen to receive additional coaching.

The event will take place at Bristol’s Hengrove Leisure Centre on Saturday 21 January between 1pm and 5pm.

Tomblin, who has been artistic swimming for more than five years, has spoken of his desire to help increase the number of males participating in the sport.

He said: “I started from gymnastics and also speed swimming as well. The local artistic swimming coach said why don’t you give it a go?

“As soon as I started it, it was just something I loved..

“It’s just different. It’s like multiple sports in one sport which is what I like – it’s a challenge.

“Just give it a go – you never know until you try.

“I loved it immediately and I’m sure everyone will love it as well – it’s a sport that will grow on you.

“It would be amazing to have more male swimmers to help grow the sport and I hope that my performances can help that.

“It would be great for both male and female competition and just the sport as a whole.”

‘An exciting opportunity’

Karen Thorpe, Swim England artistic swimming manager, said the number of males taking part in the sport was increasing.

She added: “It’s great to see more males within artistic swimming and we’re keen to help dispel the myths that it is a sport just for girls.

“Yes, it is currently a female-dominated environment but there are now more and more opportunities for the ever-growing number of male competitors.

“Both Ranjuo and Maxwell have enjoyed success in various domestic and international competitions and we’re keen to see others follow in their footsteps and come and have a go at our amazing sport.

“The taster sessions offer an exciting opportunity to give artistic swimming a whirl.

“If you love swimming and going underwater, you like music and enjoy working with others and being creative, then artistic swimming could be the sport for you.”

To book a place on the sessions at the Hengrove Leisure Centre on Saturday 21 January, please click here.