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Entry requirements for Swim England's 2023 Artistic Swimming events released

Swim England’s Artistic Swimming Leadership Group have announced changes to the entry requirements for Swim England’s National competitions for 2023.

The changes affect Swim England’s top competitions including the National Junior and Senior Championships, National Age Group Championships and the Combo Cup.

The plan is to raise standards back to pre-pandemic levels following a lowering of requirements for the 2022 season.

Entry requirements were dropped to help ease clubs and athletes back into competitive training after the pandemic due to a lack of pool time.

However, after some strong performances were achieved at this year’s events the decision has been made to bring the entry level up.

Changes have also been made to help align the competitions with FINA’s proposed new rules.

A new artistic swimming competitions grade policy was also recently released in a bid to recognise the achievements of athletes at National events.

Requirement changes for each competition

In anticipation of the move by FINA, the Swim England National Championships for Junior and Senior age athletes, will mean that the Free Combination will now be replaced by Highlight routines.

The qualification standard for Technical and Free Solos at the National Championships have also been increased to gold standard.

This means that both Figure and Routine grades will be required to qualify for the competition.

New criteria to qualify for the National Championships are shown below.

The requirements for the National Age Group Championships have been raised to pre-pandemic levels as athletes have returned to regular training and pool time.

The following table shows the new requirements for entry into the National Age Group Championships.

Grading requirements for the Combo Cup have also been changed due to the increase in competition standard.

New routine and figure grades needed for the Combo Cup are shown below.

These changes will all be implemented for the 2023 competitions.