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Become an Artistic Swimming Scorer

The role of an Artistic Swimming scorer is to record marks from the judges and make the necessary computations for each routine.

There are two levels of Artistic Swimming scorer training in England – national scorer and chief recorder.

National scorers write down and manipulate all the scores that come in for figures and routines at competitions. They can officiate at any level of domestic competition in England including the National Age Group Championships and National Championships.

Chief recorders are in charge of scoring at artistic swimming events. They are trained to manage related computer results systems at national and regional competitions.

Becoming An Artistic Swimming Scorer

There are Artistic Swimming scorer courses taking place across the country each year.

Candidates for the one-day national scorer training course and exam must be 16 or older. Chief recorder candidates must have already trained as national scorers.

Head to our dedicated Courses Calendar to search for an upcoming Artistic Swimming officials course near you.

Run A Training Course

While courses for chief recorders in England will be organised and run by the Swim England Artistic Swimming Management Group, national Artistic Swimming scorer courses are organised at regional level in conjuction with the Management Group.

Artistic Swimming regional managers wishing to set up a training course will need to submit a Booking Form to secure their preferred date and publication of the course on the Swim England calendar.

They should also download the following documents:

  • Action Plan / Checklist – this outlines the process of running an Artistic Swimming officials training course and what action to take afterwards. It also has some useful contacts.
  • Data Protection – all licensed officials should fill in this form upon completing their officials qualification.

Swim England has also produced an application form template for national Artistic Swimming scorer training courses. This form is intended to help the course organiser to publish the correct and up to date course details