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Bristol take 15-18yrs Duet on day two in Gloucester

Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe of City of Bristol put on a spectacular showcase of synchronised swimming in the 15-18yrs Duet competition, winning with a lead of over 18 points.

The pair, who won gold and silver respectively in the Solo competition yesterday, scored 78.8667 for their routine to finish on 153.4493.

Their South American Carnival theme blew the crowd away, with lots of energy and great use of pool space. They pulled out some very complex moves with seamless execution.

Shortman said: “It feels great to win gold, it just shows how much our hard work has paid off. It’s our last swim in this Duet, so it’s nice to finish with a good one.”

Thorpe added: “It was a really hard swim, but we’ve trained so much this year for this. This is one of the many competitions from this year and I think we did a good swim.”

Claire Harris and Hannah James of Rushmoor took the silver medal for their routine to ‘Deadpool’. They used a Dolls and Robots theme which included some very intricate choreography. They finished with a total of 135.0457 after scoring 70.9000 for their routine.

The second Rushmoor pair took the bronze medal for their Egyptian themed routine to ‘Junk on the Nile’. Rosie Gunn and Victoria Usher scored 65.8000 to finish on 129.9321.

15-18 Yrs Duet Results

1Kate Shortman & Isabelle Thorpe
(City of Bristol)
2Claire Harris & Hannah James
3Rosie Gunn & Victoria Usher
4Eleanor Monks & Sophie Freeman
(Stockport Metro)
5Georgia Fielding & Chloe McLelland
(City of Leeds)
6Emily Durkin & Rhia Perks
7Matilda Hadcock & Rhea Howard
(Preston Aquatics)

Reading Royals take a clean sweep in the 13-15yrs Duet

Alyssa Basinger and Mimi Grey of Reading Royals took the gold medal in the 13-15yrs Duet for their routine to the Kill Bill Soundtrack.

The fast-paced routine showed great control, holding their figures well and getting great height out of the water.

They finished with an overall score of 128.0822 after receiving 65.1333 for their free routine.

The second podium position went to their team mates, Anna Welland and Isobel Blinkhorn. They scored 64.8000 for their ‘Divergent’ routine to finish on 126.9743.

The third Rushmoor pair to finish in a medal winning position were Abigail Taylor and Isabel Turrell, showing excellent synchronisation in their interpretation of music from the film Angels and Demons. They scored 64.0000 to finish on 124.9223.

13-15 Yrs Duet Results

1Alyssa Basinger & Mimi Gray
(Reading Royals)
2Anna Welland & Isobel Blinkhorn
(Reading Royals)
3Abigail Taylor & Isabel Turrell
(Reading Royals)
4Zayna Gallacher & Bella Harris-Johnstone
5Anna Sledge & Sophie Turner
(City of Bristol)
6Sydney-Ann Jackson & Olivia Hall
(City of Birmingham)
7Millicent Costello & Bethany Caudwell
(City of Leeds)
8Daisy Rushton & Leah Meyer
(Preston Aquatics)
9Holly Linford & Lucy Clanfield
(Portsmouth Victoria)
10Aimee Hodges & Aimee Lawrence
(City of Salford)
11Abby Huett & Amelia Quinn
12Hannah Linden & Nayana Walker

Reading Royals win the 12yrs and under duet

Reading Royals took the crown in the 12yrs and under Duet event for their interpretation of ‘Bear Necessities’.

Eleanor Blinkhorn, who won the Solo title in the same age group, teamed up with Beatrice Crass. They scored 61.8333, which when added to figures left them with 125.9156.

Beatrice Crass said: “It’s really exciting to get gold, because it means all of our hard work has paid off. We train together once or twice a week for two hours, and we’ve been a duet since about May.”

Walsall’s Puss in Boots inspired routine was well-executed and showed good control. Olivia Baker and Robyn Swatman scored 60.7000 for to take silver with a total of 124.3111.

Bronze went to Zoe Dimond and Lilly Todd of City of Bristol. They swam a solid routine to the theme tune from Brave, with a great lift to end the performance. They scored 57.7667 and finished on a total score of 120.0267.

12Yrs and Under Duet Results

1Beatrice Crass & Eleanor Blinkhorn
(Reading Royals)
2Olivia Baker & Robyn Swatman
3Zoe Dimond & Lilly Todd
(City of Bristol)
4Alicia Cox & Libby Taylor
(City of Salford)
5Madeleine Staples & Rebecca Saunders
(Reading Royals)
6Abigail Garner & Alexandra Thickett
7Leila Thompson & Tilly Budd
(City of Leeds)
8Isabelle Watkins & Taliah Alves
9Georgia Lindsay & Jadine Carroll
10Ellie Alder & Katie McNeill
(City of Salford)
11Madeleine Brown & Ruby Boast
(Portsmouth Victoria)
12Eleanor Crabtree & Zoe Boulter
(City of Leeds)

Barnet Copthall take clean sweep in 12yrs and under duet

Barnet Copthall took all three podium places in the 12yrs and under mixed duet.

Lola Barnard and Aron Molnar took the gold medal after their routine scored them 44.7333. They made great use of pool space and the male role introduced interesting pieces of choreography.

Their team mates Irene Salvati and Dilan Velani secured second place with 44.3333 and Lilianan Ewertowska and Samir Zeddam took third with 43.1000.

Henley Synchronised Swimming club was the final mixed duet, competing in the 13-15 Yrs age group. Amelia Jones and Oliver Warren were the only duet in the event, but they won a gold medal with 39.1667.

12Yrs and Under

1Lola Barnard & Aron Molnar
(Barnet Copthall)
2Irene Salvati & Dilan Velani
(Barnet Copthall)
3Liliana Ewertowska & Samir Zeddam
(Barnet Copthall)
4Milan Kadrok & Hadi Khairul

13-15 Yrs

1Amelia Jones & Oliver Warren