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Plastic pollution style design wins artistic swimming costume competition

The prize winners of the artistic swimming ‘design your own costume’ competition have been selected after 85 ‘wonderful submissions’.

The competition, which was launched during the coronavirus lockdown, saw a range of creative entries right up until the final day.

As it closed at the end of June, deciding the winners was a difficult task for the Great Britain Artistic Swimming duet of Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe.

The duet loved the plastic pollution message behind the winning design.

First prize

Lauren Edwards' artistic swimming costume design

Lauren Edwards claimed first prize, meaning she will be heading to the 2021 Combo Cup with travel and one night accommodation all paid for.

She will be sat in VIP seating at the event and be chaperoned by members of the GB artistic swimming team.

A gold medal, signed by Kate and Izzy, and a Swim England Artistic Swimming goody bag will be sent out.

Lauren said: “I am very pleased to have won this competition.

“I was very disappointed not to go to the Combo Cup in 2020 and I am really looking forward to going to the 2021 event.

“I have really missed swimming these past few months and I can’t wait to get back in the pool.”

Second prize

Tegan Smith's artistic swimming costume design

Taking second prize and the signed silver medal is Tegan Smith with her glittering design.

Tegan will also have VIP seating at the 2021 Combo Cup, be chaperoned by GB artistic swimmers and receive a Swim England Artistic Swimming goody bag.

She said: “I am really pleased to be awarded second place in this competition!

“I love designing my own costumes for my own routines so when this competition was announced I knew I had to enter.”

Third prize

Catherine Reeke's artistic swimming costume design

Catherine Reekie is the winner of the third prize.

She has won a Swim England Artistic Swimming goody bag along with a bronze medal signed by Kate and Izzy.

Creativity not just limited to the pool

Maria Ramos, Chair of the Artistic Swimming Leadership Group, said: “The costumes for artistic swimming are incredibly important to a competing athlete.

“Putting on the competition costume feels special, it brings the team together and although the judges do not mark the costumes, a well-designed costume helps tell the story of routine, which will help towards the artistic impression score.

“We were thrilled with the responses from the athletes where they showed us their creativity is not just limited to the pool.

“Selecting the winners was a very difficult job after so many wonderful submissions.

“Congratulations to Lauren, Tegan and Catherine and we hope to see some of the designs brought to life at events in the future.”