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Nine clubs win team medals as Synchro Masters delivers big scores

Nine different clubs won team medals at the Swim England Synchronised Swimming National Masters Championships.

Brighton Dolphin were the only club to win multiple titles in the team events as they took out the 40-64 Combination Team event and the 50-64 Team gold medal.

The combo team edged out Rugby by less than half a point, winning with a total of 51.1000 points.

In the Team event, a superb Free Team swim helped Anne Long, Gaye Greely, Linda Doidge and Margaret Hamerton break the 100-point mark to add gloss to their gold medal.

The Dolphin quartet scored 49.4020 for their technical routine earlier in the day, before adding 51.4667 points with their final swim of the day.

The second of the two Combination Team events was won by Aqualina Synchro Club, who topped the podium in the 25-39 age group.

Aqualina scored  58.0667 points to headline a competitive field, with Halifax winning silver and Portsmouth and District wrapping up the bronze medal.

Rushmoor shine

Rushmoor capped off another superb National Masters Championships with their seventh gold medal of the day in the 35-49 Team event.

They looked to have the title wrapped up following a strong technical routine, but they went even better with their free routine to close the competition with 116.3216 points.

Seymour’s seventh medal of the day came in the 25-34 age group, as they won gold with the highest team score of the day – 119.0373 points.

Kingston Ladies picked up silver for their fourth medal of the day, while Cheltenham claimed their first medal of the Championships to complete the podium.

Team results

Team (Technical and Free)

50-64 age group

  • 1 – Brighton Dolphin SC (Anne Long, Gaye Greely, Linda Doidge and Margaret Hamerton) 100.8687

35-49 age group

  • 1 – Rushmoor Synchro SC (Andrea Holland, Angela Boitsidis, Carla Sanders, Carolyn Macdonald, Francesca Feast, Grace Reukers, Nicola Buckingham, Rachel Davies) 116.3216
  • 2 – Brighton Dolphin SC (Alice Edmondson, Jessica Shaw, Martina Glew-Wenner, Sara Mateos, Tessa Robinson, Rachael Kelly) 99.6137

25-34 age group

  • 1 – Seymour Synchro Swim School (Alecia Gould, Benedetta Rovigatti, Elizabeth Winter, Katie Holyoak, Laura Loi, Maria Cozzo, Naomi Gould, Nur Hafizah Ahmad, Soraya Mojdehi, Zoe Gallos) 119.0373
  • 2 – Kingston Ladies SC (Chloe Fletcher, Katherine Holland, Louise Chambers, Lucy Ruff, Lucy Whatley, Rachael Stevens) 112.6294
  • 3 – Cheltenham (Abbey Duffus, Ann-Marie Thouless, Chloe Cullen, Samantha Fancourt, Sarah Pullan, Victoria Bannister) 109.7804
  • 4 – Imperial College University (Aikaterini Fiorevanti, Amira Hassan, Anne-Lise Potriquer, Chrysanthi Taxiarchi, Delphine Rolando, Greta Portone, Isabelle Samper, Juliette Ngan, Marine Secchi) 109.0706

Combination Team

40-64 age group

  • 1 – Brighton Dolphin SC (Alexandra Schunemann, Becky Howard, Cara Griffiths, Catherine Fuller, Fiona Newman, Helen Trott, Karen Al-Husari, Kitty Peel, Tu Loan, Nigel Sayers, Laura Rogers, Elizabeth Fitzsimons) 51.1000
  • 2 – Rugby SC (Alison Richardson, Annette Parker, Catherine Reekie, Joyce Williams, Julie Bowler-Smith, Kay Ridler, Ruth MacCallum, Sandra Anstruther)

25-39 age group

  • 1 – Aqualina Synchro Club (Kerri Brennan, Lucy Hogg, Jayne Jarvis, Alina White, Zoe Parnham, Mary Lowe, Ellen Currie, Iona Chamberlain-Clark, Ruby Smith) 58.0667
  • 2 – Halifax SC (Abigail Veitch, Charlotte Hughes, Chloe Heaton, Emma Knight, Gemma Hollas, Lydia Thompson) 56.8333
  • 3 – Portsmouth and District Synchronised SC (Laetitia Shaul, Amanda Cadwell, Bethany Morrison, Eleanor Holland, Jennifer Richards, Julie Gray, Karen Harfield, Shona Moore) 55.3333
  • 4 – Denton Synchro SC (Susan Williams, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Joanne Priest, Lesley Layton, Nicola Dutton, Sarah Hoof, Zsofi Steingart) 54.6667
  • 5 – Out To Swim (Beatrice Cicchetti, Cassandra Wallis, Cassie Smyth, John Kelly, Mark Hollis, Andrea Gambadoro) 52.2667
  • 6 – Brentwood SC (Amy Davis, Bethany Wickington, Blaise Gorsuch Browne, Jeanie Hurley, Lisa Hurley, Paige Wickington) 51.6000

Photos:Will Johnston Photography