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Rushmoor dominate Synchro National Masters Champs

Rushmoor were the dominant force at the Swim England Synchro National Masters Championships 2017 in Rugby.

The team took home five gold medals on the day: one solo, two duet and two team.

City of Leeds and Kingston were joint second in the medal table. Leeds secured three golds – two solo and one duet – while Kingston doubled up in the duet, and claimed one solo title.

Rushmoor claim five titles

Rushmoor swimmers showed their versatility in the competition, taking on a mixture of different events. European Masters champion Andrea Holland was a regular name in the top spot, collecting a clean sweep in the free solo, duet and team events.

Her solo outing saw her pitted against Carolyn Macdonald, her gold medal-winning partner from the duet.

It was a close competition between the two swimmers in the 50-59yrs age group, both having plenty of experience in the sport. Holland took the win with a score of 117.6000 (Tech: 59.0000; Free: 58.6000) while Macdonald claimed silver with 115.9000 (Tech: 58.0000; Free: 57.9000).

Andrea Holland and Carolyn Macdonald performing their free duet at the 2017 Swim England Synchro National Masters Championships 2017

The second title was a result of the pair’s coordination in the duet. Both Holland and Macdonald swam well and claimed a second medal each, gold with a score of 117.5000 (Tech: 58.5000; Free: 58.5500). Silver went to Linda Doidge and Anne Long of Brighton Dolphins with 107.2167 (Tech: 54.000; Free: 53.2167).

Grace Reukers and Rachel Davis were the second Rushmoor pairing to claim a gold medal. Theirs came in the 40-49yrs age group with a score of 111.8334 (Tech: 55.8334; Free: 56.000).

Rushmoor swimmers took two team golds, one in the free team event and the other in the free combo. The 40-64yrs Free Combination saw Rushmoor secure the title with 59.7375, whilst the 35-49yrs Team was taken with 117.0625 (Tech: 57.8750; Free: 59.1875).

Double bubble for Barrington

City of Leeds swimmer Rosie Barrington competed in two events, and took home gold medals in both. She went into the 18-24yrs Solo as reigning champion, and did not disappoint with her performance.

Barrington took a comfortable victory, awarded 131.8166 (Tech: 67.8333; Free: 63.9833) for her solo performance.

Rosie Barrington performing her Free Solo routine at the 2017 Swim England Synchro National masters champs.

Silver went to Charlotte Davis of Cheltenham with 128.6834 (Tech: 64.1667; Free: 64.5167) and bronze to Leeds team mate Alyssa Ward with 121.2666 (Tech: 59.8333; Free: 61.4333).

Barrington’s second gold came in the mixed duet. She paired up with Connor Hill to perform the only mixed duet of the competition. However the pair showed they had a good understanding of one another, and impressed the judges to score 123.9833 (Tech: 63.1666; Free: 60.8167).

The North East team’s final title came at the hands of Jeanne Ansley. She competed in her usual solo event, taking home the 70-79yrs Solo crown. She scored 96.7887 (Tech: 47.8334; Free: 48.9333) for gold.

Exciting performances from Kingston

Kingston came into the competition as relative underdogs compared to some of their rivals in Rugby, but they put in some excellent performances to take home four medals overall.

Their first two medals came in the 25-29yrs age group. The gold medal came from Rachael Stevens for her score of 111.2500 (Tech: 55.0000; Free: 56.2500), while club mate Lucy Whatley took bronze with 107.9500 (Tech: 53.5000; Free: 54.4500).

Silver went to Rebecca Greatorex of Green Arrows with 108.0833 (Tech: 53.6666; Free: 54.4167).

The other two gold medals came in the duet events. Katherine Holland and Ciara Rooney showed some class as they won the 18-24yrs age group with a score of 105.0000 (Tech: 53.8333; Free: 51.1667).

Louise Chambers and Laura Gee performing their free duet routine at the Swim England Synchro National Masters Championships 2017

Louise Chambers and Laura Gee followed suit in the 25-29yrs age group. The Kingston pair received the highest score across all age groups for both tech and free routines.

They scored 121.6834 overall with 59.6667 for their tech and 62.0167 for their free.