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Artistic Swimming selection information updated for 2022/2023

Swim England have updated their selection information for Artistic Swimming ahead of this year’s trials and the proposed rule changes from FINA.

There are three areas that are being selected for with the junior squad, youth squad and the Artistic Swimming High Performance (HPC) programme all available for applications.

FINA’s proposed rule changes are set to be some of the biggest in the sports history with a revamped judging system and a difficulty score now being declared prior to the routine.

Some of the changes made to the information look to emulate FINA’s new rules and will be adjusted over the coming months until the drafted rules are confirmed.

The Artistic Swimming HPC aims to produce elite and world class performers whilst empowering them in every aspect of their life.

Athletes involved in the HPC will be looking to qualify to be a part of major competitions over the coming seasons including and working towards becoming the fastest developing nation in Artistic Swimming.

Applications for the HPC are available on either a part or full time basis with regular training in the Bristol area based around a central hub at the Hengrove Leisure Centre.

The Junior squad and Youth squads are looking to find 12-18 athletes each to help train and develop throughout 2023 and to prepare them for future competitions.

There’s four phases of selection for each squad, beginning with club tests which have deadlines in September.

Junior squad athletes are aged 15-19 for girls and 15-20 for boys with the Youth squad athletes aged between 11-15 for girls and up to 16 for boys.

Members of both squads will be required to attend regular training camps throughout the season with the aim to achieve the highest possible results and to find the future for Team England/Great Britain.

Each of the three documents have specific selection criteria within them which you can find here.

‘A new and exciting time for the sport’

Karen Thorpe, Swim England artistic swimming manager excited for the future of the sport saying: “We’re really excited for the new selection information and for the new rules which FINA are releasing.

“It’s the biggest change the sport has seen in a number of years and the biggest rule change since we went from competing in figures to technical routines.

“We have extended some of the age groups to align with the proposed plans and we will be adapting them once FINA’s new rules are confirmed.

“It’s a new and exciting time for the sport and we hope the new rules will make the whole judging system fairer and more objective.

“With the criteria changing and difficulty becoming more important, I believe it will be good for us as a nation because it’s something we think we’re strong at with our top level athletes.”

The Artistic Swimming season is still in full flow with the Junior World Championships still to come in August after the senior European Championships in Rome.

You can view the new rules proposed by FINA here.