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Shortman closes Glasgow 2018 with a ninth

Kate Shortman, who earlier finished 11th in a free duet with partner Isabelle Thorpe, has concluded Britain’s Glasgow 2018 programme with a ninth place finish.

The 16-year-old finished 10.2000 behind the leader on 84.7333 points in the solo free routine final.

Russia’s Svetlana Kolesnichenko finished in first place with a score of 94.9333.

The silver medal went to Linda Cerruti of Italy (92.5000) and Ukrainian Yelyzaveta Yakhno took home the bronze (92.1333).

Hopeful for the future

The final event of the European Syncho Championships brings the meet to a close for the British team. All the athletes have been transitioning from junior to senior level compeition and they made the finals in all events.

Shortman, who is awaiting her GCSE results, will join her duet partner, Isabelle Thorpe, as part of a centralised programme when they start to study at the same school and train together on a more focused basis.