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What motivates a Masters artistic swimmer?

Masters artistic swimming starts at the age of 20. Our oldest swimmers are in their 70s.

Masters artistic swimmers come in all shapes and sizes and have very busy lives but manage to find time for their sport.

At the most recent National Masters Championships, we asked what motivates them to play the sport.

What motivates a Masters artistic swimmer?

Our top seven motivators for doing artistic swimming are:

  • We love the sport
  • It keeps us fit
  • We like doing a team sport
  • It is interesting
  • It’s our main form of exercise
  • We love the competition
  • It enables us to travel

Competing is not everyone’s cup of tea, so we also asked them what their reasons were for entering the National Championships.

The top 10 responses were:

  1. To be part of a team
  2. For social reasons – to make friends / spend time with friend
  3. To challenge myself
  4. To give me something to aim for
  5. To give my time to a sport I love
  6. To compete
  7. To learn from the experience
  8. To swim routines in front of an audience
  9. To win medals
  10. As part of my training for an international competition.