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Youth Advisory Panel

The Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) is the voice of youth within Swim England. Made up of a group of up to sixteen 16-24 year olds the YAP ensure that young people are considered when decisions are made and that issues affecting young people are addressed.

Meeting quarterly, during 2023 the group have decided to focus on mental health and swimmer retention projects.

Who are the YAP?

  • Ellie Conway (Chair)
  • Dom Anderson (Media Lead)
  • Elysia Zdolny
  • Emily Symonds
  • Kate London
  • Kai Turner
  • Callie Ramshaw


  • Craig McNeil
  • Kian Saville
  • Faye Rogers
  • Ben Gregory
  • Dylan Fairclough


Some of the members tell us why they joined

Ellie ConwayEllie is the current chair of the Youth Advisory Panel

I joined the youth panel I was keen to help others benefit from volunteering in the same way I did! I’m also really passionate about helping Swim England understand the current views of young people, as the youth make up a large proportion of the membership. I originally started out with artistic swimming, but moved over to speed swimming quite early on, later adding in timekeeping, officiating and coaching, as well as some general event volunteering – I’ve loved learning more about the different aquatic disciplines through this.



Dylan is a Master’s student of Biomedicine at Lancaster University and has competed at national level in swimming.

I joined the YAP because I have always loved swimming and aquatics in general and I want to give something back. I started swimming quite late compared to most people so a personal goal of mine is to inspire others to do the same.



Callie, who joined in 2022, swam competitively for 10 years reaching a national level.

I joined the YAP to have an opportunity to support the next generation in their participation in aquatic sports helping them to find their passion for sport.




Elysia joined her local swim club aged 6 and swam competitively for a number of years. She later began helping out coaching at her club and gained her level 1 teaching qualification.

I joined the YAP because I wanted to help represent the views of young people in aquatic disciplines. I am particularly passionate about making aquatic disciplines accessible to everyone, regardless of age, background or ability.