Who We Are

Your donations to Swim England will help more children have fun safely in the water and to help us to grow the number of individuals experiencing our sports.

Each of our causes have been put together to help us achieve a nation swimming.

A nation swimmingA nation swimming

Here at Swim England we want to achieve a nation swimming. Your donations will help us to Lobby government to influence government policy around children having access to swimming lessons in schools, diversify the teachers and coaches teaching children to learn to swim and beyond, and grow the work we do in relation to promoting the health benefits of swimming. We want to do some much more, and you can help us today!

Swim SafeSwim Safe

Drowning is among the largest causes of accidental death. Swim Safe sessions help teach children where it’s safe to swim outdoors, how to float and what to do if they or someone else gets in trouble in open water. Children aged 7–14 years old can attend these water safety sessions for free. To enable us to continue to offer Swim Safe sessions for free in 2020 and beyond, we need your donations.

Finding our future championsFinding our future champions

We want to make our sports as inclusively and open to all as possible. That’s why we have created the Start Synchro, Start Diving and Start Para-Swimming programmes to grow the number of individuals to be able to try out our sports. These programmes are delivered in local schools. Through sessions that have been specifically been developed for each of our sports, we are then able to identify talented individuals. Your donation goes towards funding the specialist support needed to deliver these sessions.