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Add some fun to your swimming lessons with these baking themed games ideas

Teachers wanting to add some fun to their swimming lessons are being encouraged to check out Swim England’s baking inspired games.

The recognised national governing bodies Learn to Swim team have created some fun activities all with a baking theme.

We hope all your learners enjoy taking part in these games and we’d love to hear your feedback on how your lessons went.

▶️ Watch one of the games here ⬇️

🧁Cake Mix, Ducklings and Stages 1-3

All swimmers move in a circle to create a whirlpool as they travel around they put toys in the middle that represent different cake ingredients.

They then change direction and try and mix the ingredients the other way.

Equipment: toys, small floats

🎂 Cake Layer, Stage 3 +

Sort your swimmers into pairs, they will take it in turns to collect layers of cake (floats) from the other side of the pool, and stack them to see who can make the tallest cake.

If the cake collapses, that team is out.

Equipment: floats

🛒Shopping list, Ducklings and Stages 1-4

Swimmers move around the pool collecting various items from the shopping list written out by the teacher.

Use your imagination to create the ingredients you’d need to collect from the shop to bake a cake.

Once the swimmers have collected their shopping item, they take it to the giant mixing bowl.

Equipment: Large hoop or noodles tied together = mixing bowl, egg flips = eggs, small balls = flour, sinkers = butter, small floats = sugar.

🥚Egg Beater challenge, Stages 6-7 and Water Safety 3

Put together an obstacle course for your swimmers.

Treading water could represent whisking, collecting a sinker could represent different cake ingredients.

Lastly, ask your swimmers to perform a sequence of different floats to represent their final cake creation.

Equipment: sinkers