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BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller Award

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The Dolphin Snorkeller Award is designed to encourage young swimmers to try snorkelling and learn how to snorkel safely.

Developed by the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), the national governing body for scuba diving and snorkelling in the UK, it introduces snorkelling to children who are already learning to swim.

The Dolphin Snorkeller Award includes a full colour course manual which explains good snorkelling techniques and skills, as well as information about the different dolphin species.

On completion of the course of lessons your child will receive a certificate and cloth badge.

Dolphin Snorkeller Award Badges Objectives

Bottlenose Dolphin 1

  1. 50 metre swim – in-water confidence
  2. Simple headfirst surface dive to retrieve an object
  3. Understand and use the OK signal

Spinner Dolphin 2

  1. Correctly fitting a face mask
  2. Clearing a mask of water on the surface
  3. Clearing a fogged up mask on the surface without removal
  4. Fitting a snorkel
  5. Clearing a snorkel using ‘blow’ technique
  6. Breathing from a snorkel with face and mask submerged in water

Dusky Dolphin 3

  1. Correctly fitting a face mask
  2. Fitting a snorkel
  3. Correctly fitting fins
  4. Finning whilst using mask and snorkel

Striped Dolphin 4

  1. Fitting all equipment
  2. Entering and exiting deeper water
  3. Finning whilst using mask and snorkel as a buddy pair

Clymene Dolphin 5

  1. Clearing a part filled mask underwater
  2. Clearing a snorkel using the displacement technique
  3. Head first surface dive
  4. Working as a buddy pair on surface dives – one up, one down

River Dolphin 6

  1. Finning backwards, turn, finning back to start as a buddy pair
  2. Finning sideways, finning back to start as a buddy pair
  3. Finning forwards using a crawl stroke with the arms
  4. Other finning techniques and underwater movement:
  5. ‘In and out’ slow finning and dolphin kick
  6. Feet first surface dive
  7. Relieve cramp and rescue and tow a tired buddy to safety

Risso’s Dolphin 7 (Assessment)

  1. Snorkelling with another Dolphin Snorkeller
  2. Towing a conscious buddy to safety