Learn to Swim

A guide to the Learn to Swim Programme

Bring some sparkle to your swimming lessons with these dancing themed games ideas

Teachers wanting to add some sparkle to their swimming lessons are being encouraged to check out Swim England’s dancing inspired games.

The recognised national governing bodies Learn to Swim team have created some fun activities all with a dancing theme.

We hope all your learners enjoy taking part in these games and we’d love to hear your feedback on how your lessons went.

▶️ Watch all the games here ⬇️

Dancing Jumps, stage 2+

This is a fun and interactive way of entering the water in the action of different dancing styles!

❇️ For example, ask your learners to jump into the water like a ballerina, ensure their arms are tall and straight and their toes are pointy.

❇️ Another example could be entering the water in the style of jazz dance; so you could encourage learners to use big jazz hands when entering the water.

Routine Time, stage 5+

This game is generally for advanced swimmers, in the Learn to Swim Stages 5,6 and 7.  As the swimmers will need to be treading water whilst the teacher performs an arm routine that they will need to copy.

❇️ This game is also good for beginners as an introductory activity and can be carried out in the shallow end of the pool. It will help the learners to focus on the teacher and test good listening skills.

Judges Panel, stages 1-7

Dancing competitions are often scored by a judging panel with scoring cards. So for this game, you need to split the group into dancing pairs.

Then using a maximum of 10 toys per pair, the learners must try and return all of the toys within a set time limit using a range of core aquatic skills to the other side of the pool.

Making it extra fun, teachers can use scoring cards for each pair. For example, if a pair brings back eight toys, the teachers will show them the number eight scoring card.

❇️ This game can be advanced for higher levels with some of the toys sinking to the bottom to encourage submersion and breathing control skills!

Equipment: toys, floats, sinking toys.