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A guide to the Learn to Swim Programme

Doyin Amoye’s Swim London 2016 Blog

Doyin Amoye writes about facing her fears and learning a new skill through the Swim London 2016 project in Waltham Forest…

All through my life I had every intention of learning to swim and even went to a secondary school with a swimming pool but left firmly in the ‘non swimmer’ category. I think my primary reason was due to fear of the water and fear of drowning.

After taking many summer holidays and my friends leaving all of their possessions with me whilst they went and did water based activities, I always told myself that I would learn to swim.

Getting started with Swim London 2016

After watching the original ‘Swim Dem Crew’ Android advert and discussing with a work colleague, I was egged on to sign up for swimming classes.

After a google search I signed up for the first wave of Swim London 2016 sessions, and was able to secure a spot. Learning how to swim over the past few months has been one of the best experiences of my adult life. I have gone from being just about able to float to being able to swim in a matter of weeks. Hopefully one day soon I’ll get to swim in outdoor water.

Work hard, play hard

Although everyone in the classes are at different swimming capabilities, everyone is provided with support and loads of encouragement from the teachers and also fellow students. The classes are a healthy mixture of work and fun and I’ve made many friends along this swimming journey.

I would definitely recommend Swim London classes to people of any age regardless of their swimming level. It’s added so much value to me and is a skill I’ll have for life. Not to mention that I will no longer be left with people’s belongings as they go and do water sports as I will be there with them!