Learn to Swim

A guide to the Learn to Swim Programme

Other ways of rewarding swimmers

There are other ways of rewarding swimming achievements as your child progresses through the Programme to become a competent swimmer.

Collecting badges and certificates they receive is one way to keep them motivated and excited about learning to swim. But these are not the only ways of rewarding swimming achievements.

There are special awards for each stage of the journey, suitable for the different age ranges. As well as badges and certificates they can earn medals, just like an Olympic or Paralympic athlete.

They can be a fantastic added incentive to keep them working hard in their swimming lessons.

Rewarding swimming achievements with medals

There are three medals to work towards:

  1. the Pre-School Swimmer Medal
  2. the Learn to Swim Medal
  3. the Elite Swimmer Medal

Lucy & Sammy and the Pre-School Swimmer Medal

This medal is for young swimmers and goes hand in hand with the Lucy and Sammy Story Book. This colourful story book provides parents and children with the perfect introduction to lessons.

There is space at the back of the book to record their progress. When your youngster has completed all of the Awards, they will qualify to receive their very first medal for learning to swim!

The Learn to Swim Medal

For the slightly older learner, the exclusive Learn to Swim Medal rewards those who have completed the Learn to Swim Progress Card.

Simply record their achievements on the Learn to Swim Progress Card and they can be the proud owners of a Learn to Swim medal.

The journey doesn’t stop at being able to swim. You can continue rewarding swimming achievements when they progress beyond just being able to swim and start enjoying aquatic sport.

The Elite Swimmer Medal

Swimmers who complete 10 Awards in the Aquatic Skills Framework can receive the Elite Swimmer medal. Simply record their achievements on the Elite Award Passport and then send in as proof to purchase the medal.