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When should strokes and skills be introduced, developed and mastered?

Learn to Swim Programme

What is Introduce – Develop – Master?

The IDM model was created as a way to introduce a skill or stroke within the early stages of the Learn to Swim Framework.  Once the skill or stroke has been introduced, these should be continually developed throughout the framework and be mastered alongside the relevant outcomes of each stage.

An example of this would be outcome 6 in Stage 4: Kick 10 metres breaststroke on the front (one item of equipment optional). The video below shows that the breaststroke kick should be introduced in Stage 2, developed in Stage 3 and mastered in Stage 4. 

What is BLABT?

BLABT is a framework for introducing and developing each of the four competitive strokes. The components of BLABT are:

The Introduce, Develop, Master model is most successful when used alongside ‘BLABT’ in teaching the four competitive strokes. 

If you are interested in developing your knowledge in this topic, please have a look at the Maintaining Momentum CPD. This workshop will give you an overview of how to introduce, develop and support participants to master skills throughout the Learn to Swim Stages. For more information please click here