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Swim England Artistic Swimming Grades are an integral part of the Artistic Swimming journey.

They are progressive stages that introduce figures over six stages and routine skills over five stages that lead to the development of a well-rounded artistic swimming swimmer.

This pathway is also the entry qualification for competition at all levels of the sport.

The Swim England Artistic Swimming Grade Awards offer athletes a tangible way of monitoring this progress and success as they move through each grade, collecting stickers for bronze, silver and gold levels to track incremental improvements within each grade.

Each certificate also come with matching pin badges they can showcase on their bags and club kit.

While the artistic swimming elements of Learn to Swim Stages 8-10 can be delivered by pool operators or clubs, the Artistic Swimming Figure and Routine Grades are only delivered at clubs.

All Grades are judged at regional grading days and are judged Level 1 judges, overseen by a qualified Level 2 Judge. Level 1 and 2 Coaches can train the grades within their club environment but they can pass a Grade without attending a formal Grade day.

Head over to our Artistic Swimming Sport Hub to find out more about the Artistic Swimming Grades, as well as information about joining a club in England.