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A guide to the Learn to Swim Programme

Wearing goggles in swimming lessons


Confused over whether your child should be wearing goggles in swimming lessons? Then let us clear it up for you. Goggles can be helpful in assisting your child to learn to swim, but some teachers or learn to swim programmes may have their own procedures around the use of other equipment.

Wearing goggles in swimming lessons may make your child feel comfortable in the pool while they are learning to swim and may help them develop their aquatic breathing skills as they learn to put their face in the water.

However,  it is vital children are comfortable swimming with or without goggles so they don’t panic in an unexpected situation.

I want my child wearing goggles in swimming lessons

If you feel your child would be better wearing goggles during swimming lessons then the decision is down to the individual teacher, so speak to yours. However, remember:

  1. As a parent you need to be informed of the reasons to not wear goggles and children encouraged to take lessons without them.
  2. Some teachers say that goggles can help to reduce or prevent eye irritation. However, if pool water is maintained in a good condition it shouldn’t be necessary for children to wear goggles at all.

My child has to wear goggles in swimming lessons

For medical and other associated reasons some children need to wear goggles – such as prescription goggles. If this is then case then:

  1. Choose a pair with BSI instructions on the packaging for the correct way to put on and take off goggles.
  2. Choose a pair that fit properly. Leaking goggles could affect the child and waste lesson time.
  3. Ensure your child knows how to fit and adjust goggles properly.
  4. NOTE: teachers will not be responsible for fitting children’s goggles.