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You are never too old to learn to swim


If someone says you are too old to learn to swim, ignore them. Remind them of Rosemary Caruana, the grandmother who knows that you are never too old to learn to swim.

In 2014, then 75 year old Rosemary Caruana took her grandson swimming. She never learned and she was watching her grandson in the pool she decided she needed lessons.

So, after her grandson’s lesson she approached the swimming teacher and asked whether or not she would be able to take some lessons.

The teacher told Rosemary that you’re never too old to learn to swim and said she’d be happy teacher her.

I watched my youngest grandson swimming and thought, this is ridiculous…you’re 75-years-old, he’s swimming, you’re not – and you live on an island. So I asked his teacher if she would teach me and she said yes.

Rosemary was unable to swim at all. More than that, she had a strong dislike for the water. But despite this, just a week later she found herself in her swimming costume at her local pool.

Over the next 12 months, Rosemary Caruana attended each session to build up her swimming ability. She had an aim. Her aim was to swim a length of the pool. She did it.

She still takes part in her swimming lessons each week, and now looks forward to each session rather than panicking as she had in the early months.

Now, 12 months later, I am absolutely loving it. And I can now do four lengths of the main pool which is 25m, two on my front and two on my back. I do still need my wonderful instructor Sally beside me though, I am not quite confident enough to go it alone.

You are never too old to learn: inspired?

  • You are never too old to learn to swim, ask Rosemary. If you are a grandmother inspired by Rosemary learning to swim then use our Poolfinder widget to track down your nearest pool below