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Frequently asked questions from club members

We get a lot of frequently asked questions from club members here at Swim England so we thought we’d put them together for you.

If you have a question about individual Swim England Club Membership then see if you can find an answer below. If not call the Membership Services Department on 01509 640727 or email renewals@swimming.org.

General Membership FAQs

The Club membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December

Only paid up members who have reached their 16th birthday shall be entitled to be heard and to vote on all matters. (Members who have not reached their 16th birthday shall be entitled to be heard and vote only on those matters determined by the Chairman as matters concerning juniors, such as the election of club captains.)

It is not possible for parents to vote on behalf of children – parents wishing to vote must be fully paid up members of the club.

Yes, you can log on to the Online Membership System (OMS) to view and amend your information. To do this go to www.swimmingmembers.org.

FAQs about competing

Temporary membership is available for specific events subject to the promoter’s agreement. You can find out more about Temporary Membership here.

Yes, you can choose which club you wish to enter each competition with. However you cannot compete for more than one club in a single competition or series of competitions such as a league.

You can only compete in a regional or county competition if you are a member of a club within that region or county.

If you are a member of more than one club, in different regions and/or counties, you can only enter, within the same Championships window, the Regional or County Championships which apply to one of your clubs. You cannot swim in two Regional or County Championships promoted within the same window.

Regions promote their Championships twice per year. You may enter a different County or Region Championships if the are promoted at a different time of year.

Any times achieved at a licensed meet will be uploaded to the British Swimming Ranking and can be viewed by going to www.swimmingresults.org.

Members, groups of members or affiliated clubs wishing to compete, officiate, coach or train in countries outside Great Britain must apply for permission to do so by completing an International Permit and Clearance Form.

You can download the various forms here or contact Swim England Rankings Team on 01509 640738. Please remember to apply for an International Permit at least 28 days before leaving the country.

Yes, minimum ages for competition in each discipline is outlined in the ASA Handbook. You can access the Handbook here.

In order to participate in Swim England events there is a requirement to be a member of Swim England and at present the most popular route for individual members is through the clubs. An agreement has been made, however, that national clubs can affiliate for the purposes of Masters Swimming only.

FAQs about Membership Fees

The membership fees for 2023 are: Category 1 £9.50*, Category 2 £30.00*, Category 3 £5.50*

*Please be aware that the above fees do not include any county or region fee contribution.

No, Swim England fees are only charged once, irrespective of how many clubs you are a member with.

The club you have been with the longest will be charged for your Swim England membership fee.

No, Swim England allows you to attend three training sessions prior to joining Swim England.

No, membership fees are only charged once in one membership year.

The membership fee is only part of the funding Swim England receives which includes income from our award scheme and government funding for agreed projects and outcomes. The money is spent on achieving the ASA’s vision and values:

  • Every child learns to swim
  • More people swim regularly.
  • More medals on the world stage.

To achieve these aims Swim England has launched many initiatives and strategies from the grass roots up to elite programmes in all disciplines.

Swim England is always striving for better and more accessible facilities and each year sees an increase in competitive and training facilities available to all.

Swim England is constantly working with government in improving the opportunity for all children to learn to swim whilst at school.

Swim England, alongside UKCC, also provides a nationally recognised and comprehensive structure for teacher and coaching development through our qualifications and Continued Professional Development courses.

Swim England also employ Talent Development Officers and Regional Directors to help and advise clubs on relevant strategies If you wish to look in detail at what funding comes into the ASA and how this is spent you can look at our Annual Report and Financial statements.

With regard to Regional and county development whilst this is funded primarily from the regional and county fees, financial support is provided to the regions by Swim England national budget and details of initiatives that they are working towards can be found on their websites.

FAQs about your Club

Swimmers who are members of more than one club can select one club for ranking purposes - the ranked club name will appear on the ranking lists. The ranked club is normally the club whose name they compete under in major events.

Not necessarily, ranked club has no bearing on which club you pay your membership fee to. Membership fees should be paid to the club you have been with the longest irrespective of your ranked club.

Individuals can change their ranked club through the Online Membership System (OMS). Go to www.swimmingmembers.org to access your details and update your ranked club.

Yes, swimmers can be members of more than one club.

FAQs about Membership Categories

Your club can change your category at any point during the year.

No, you will only be charged the difference from your existing category to your new category.