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Jay Lelliott shares message to youngsters in hopes of inspiring next generation

City of Sheffield swimmer Jay Lelliott is hoping to provide inspiration to the next generation as he competes for Team England at this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Lelliott was recently named in the squad of 48 swimmers who will represent Team England at the home Games in Birmingham this summer.

In a separate interview with Swim England, he explained that he is ‘so excited’ to be heading to his second Commonwealth Games, after also competing in Glasgow in 2014, and is looking forward to having the home crowd behind him.

However, alongside his own aspirations, Lelliott wants to influence more people to get involved in swimming and also shared a message for aspiring sports stars.

He said: “The Commonwealth Games are a massive celebration of sport and the public all embrace it and it’s such a passion driven event.

“A lot of people are going to watch this event and be like ‘that sport looks fascinating’ and I’m really hoping that’s going to happen to swimming and they’ll be loads of people that will pick up the sport.

Never too late to start the sport

“I got into the sport by watching the Athens Olympics in 2004. That was my big draw.

“I watched that when I was nine-years-old and found it really interesting. That’s why I got into swimming so I’m hoping this will have a very similar effect on other people.”

After describing his local club as being ‘phenomenal’ in helping him to get to where he is today, Lelliott explained that those who may be looking to join a club, whether that be in swimming or across any other sports, should ‘find your passion’ and ‘be patient with it’.

“I would just say get involved and be patient with it,” he added.

“It’s never too late to start the sport, whether you start at five or older.

“I came to the sport as a late bloomer when I was eleven. Just be patient with it, enjoy what you’re doing and listen to the people who know best.

“Just find your passion, be it swimming or any other sport, it’s an exciting time to be involved in British sport.”