Spencer Trophy

The Spencer Trophy is awarded to the highest placed English swimmers in the Duet Free routine at the Swim England National Championships.

Current Winner: Spencer Trophy

Greta Hampson and Daniella Lloyd with the Spencer Trophy
  • Year: 2018
  • Names: Greta Hampson & Daniella Lloyd
  • Team: City of Bristol
  • Score: 72.8667

Winners Gallery: Spencer Trophy


Past Winners: Spencer Trophy

2017Isabelle Thorpe & Kate ShortmanCity of Bristol77.6000
2016Olivia Federici & Katie ClarkGreat Britain82.1000
2015Hannah Randall & Jorja BrownRushmoor71.0333
2014Corrie Leech & Elise DennerBristol Central69.8000
2013Jorja Brown & Emily RandallRushmoor69.9000
2012Rhiannon Williams & Sophie UsherReading Royals68.9500
2011Alex O’Mahony & Isobel CollingsBristol Central66.7200
2010Robyn Bignell & Lucy HockinRushmoor67.4000
2009Jenny Godding & Naomi SchormanReading Royals69.3340
2008Zoe Cooper & Alex BarnettWalsall71.1670
2007Jenna Randall & Olivia AllisonRushmoor87.1670
2006Jenna Randall & Olivia AllisonRushmoor80.8330
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