Become a Synchro Referee

The role of a synchro referee is to oversee the control of a synchronised swimming competition. The referee makes sure all aspects of the event are run smoothly and follow FINA rules.

New referees should be recommended by their Swim England region to undertake synchro referee training. This consists of a five-hour training course and examination.

Following completion of the training, a mentor will be appointed to successful candidates to provide support at their first event. After ratification of the results by the Swim England Synchronised Swimming Management Group, the qualification will then be added to the Database of Registered Officials.

The qualification as a referee will be valid for four years, subject to attending any refresher/ updating sessions required due to the introduction of new FINA rules over this period.

A referee must re-qualify every four years by attending either a judge training course which includes all the new FINA updates or another referee training course.

Synchro Referee Training

There are synchro referee courses taking place across the country each year.

All candidates on a referee training course must be a qualified synchro judge, a current Swim England member and over 18.

Head to our dedicated Courses Calendar to search for an upcoming synchro referee training course near you.

Run A Training Course

National referee training courses in England are organised and run by the Swim England Synchronised Swimming Management Group.

Please contact your synchro regional manager if you have any questions about running a referee training course.