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Games For The Pool

A trip to the pool as a family is a great time to build confidence and have fun in the water! It’s not all about structured lessons.

Kids love playing games. We all love playing games and the swimming pool is a fantastic place to play them.

Here are three games you can play with the kids in the pool. They’ve been specially developed by the ASA for Change 4 Life to improve water confidence and skills. Have fun!

Fishy In The Middle

This game is a watery version of piggy in the middle and so will get everyone jumping around.

You will need to come prepared. Take with you a medium-sized soft ball for every three players.

Get into threes, with one person standing in the middle. The fishy in the middle has to try and catch the ball as the others throw it over his or her head.

How high can you jump out of the water? When the fishy catches the ball the person who threw it takes a turn in the middle.

Underwater Humming

If you or your children sing into hairbrushes or wave around air guitars while cranking up your waterproof MP3 player, then why not try a little underwater humming.

Firstly, divide into pairs or small groups and stand close to each other. Now all duck under the water. While submerged, one person from the group or pair starts humming a favourite tune and the others have to guess the tune.

How many turns will it take them to name that tune? If they haven’t guessed it after three turns, tell them what it is and then swap. Ensure you have a good collection of humming tunes ready before you start playing.

Treasure Hunt

For this game you will need to come prepared with a toy that will sink to the bottom of the pool for every player.

Firstly, let the toys sink to the bottom and ensure they are well spread out.

Once that is done people line up along the side of the pool while one person calls out an item of ‘treasure’.

The first person in the line has to go and get it. When he or she brings it back the caller shouts out the next piece of treasure for the next person in the line.

To make the game trickier, you could number each of the toys so they’re harder to find under the water.