Are your staff at the cutting edge of aquatics?

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As an employer you want your workforce to be at the cutting edge of swimming teaching/coaching innovation. As the premier provider of aquatic courses, the education and training arm of the IoS has the means to ensure they are.

The Institute of Swimming is providing the sport and active leisure industry with a world class workforce.  The largest trainer of swimming teachers and coaches in England and the premier provider of the ASA’s courses, our expertise now extends beyond aquatics with an expansion into education and training provision in exercise and fitness leisure operations.

The IoS is leading course development and implementation and providing qualifications that meet the skills, needs and training requirements of you, the employer.

We deliver hundreds of courses across the country, courses that are of the same high standards we hold for ourselves.  Visit our specialised website for all online bookings and resources.

Our apprenticeship programmes can provide your organisation with enthusiastic and educated individuals that can quickly become key members of your team and contribute towards a truly world class workforce.  Download our handy guide to employing apprentices here.

View our short video to hear from some of our employer partners or click here to learn more about courses run by the IoS.  Alternatively you may wish to contact us.

Fundamental to our approach is the development of exciting, industry leading ASA and IoS partnerships and with a huge portfolio of well established and embedded quality services, resources and programmes – we can support you to support your workforce for the future. Read more here.

For more information you could also contact the Aquatic Officer for your region - click here to access the contact details.

When you see the IoS’ distinctive logo you see a symbol of top quality support and a dedication to ongoing improvement in the aquatics disciplines.

We are constantly looking at how to improve what we deliver to ensure we are offering you the employer the best possible service, and working to give both teaching and coaching the recognition it deserves as a career choice for your staff.

Distinctions between IoS Education & Training and ASA Awarding Body

When it comes to teacher and coach education, people often ask how the IoS differs from the ASA – after all both deal with swimming courses and qualifications.

Well, the simple answer is that the ASA is the examining body for qualifications and the IoS is the premier provider of ASA courses.

So, the IoS is like the college or university that delivers the courses and ASA Awarding Body is the examination board that approves the results and hands out the certificates.

About IoS Education & Training

The IoS’ education and training arm is the premier provider of the ASA's qualifications and the largest trainer of swimming teachers and coaches in England.

We can work it out

We offer some of the best swimming education in the country and have a great trust and respect between us and our employees. As an employer, I’m sure you would want the same.

We can assure that swimming coaches who have trained with us will more than meet your needs for an experienced swimming instructor.

Whether you wish to employ open water coaches or synchro coaches, we can give them all extensive training in various swimming techniques. We provide swimming coach training, leading to ASA certification; this means when an employer hires one of our coaches, they will have all the skills and training necessary.

Throughout the country we offer hundreds of high-quality and intensive IoS courses as well as advanced swimming lessons. Swimming pools all around Britain have now gone on to employ these highly skilled swimming instructors, who are reaping the rewards.

We're still looking to extend our service to even more employers to really get that extra experience. We can help with career choices for your employees and help reach the highest acclaim for employers like you.

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