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We find that for most the gaining of a qualification is only the start of their swimming journey. The best teachers and coaches are always looking to add to their knowledge and develop their skills.

A wide range of seminars

For this reason, we offer a wide range of CPDs and online learning to help you develop your knowledge and skills. All our CPDs ensure you maintain the highest standards as your career progresses.

Keep abreast of latest approaches

Each CPD Seminar or E-Learning programme enables you to stay up to date with ever-changing theory, techniques and practices. This gives you the latest insights to keep your sessions fresh and engaging, creating an inclusive learning environment at the same time. Ultimately, the result is better teaching, coaching and brighter prospects for the future of swimming.

Can't find the webinar you want? Register your interest

Can't find the webinar you want? Register your interest

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School Swimming

School Swimming

The National Curriculum Training Programme gives you the skills and knowledge to deliver high quality school swimming lessons to make sure your school not only meets but exceeds the national curriculum requirements

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