Swim England Open Water Masters Championships

Open Water Masters Championships

Consider yourself an open water Master? Then you need to be entering the Swim England Open Water Masters Championships.

Taking place At Rother Valley Country Park as part of the Swim England Open Water Festival on 30th July, it’s a ‘can’t miss’ event for true open water Masters.

Entry will also get you a swim cap, temporary tattoo, chip (for timing, not eating), and maybe even a high-five.

If you’re a Masters swimmer with something to prove, make sure you’re first in line to secure your place in the 2017 event.

How to Enter

  1. Download the Event Conditions – these contain all the official information you need to know about competing at Rother Valley. Even if you have competed for the past 10 years, it’s worth giving these a thorough once-over.
  2. Download the Entry Pack – the entry pack has everything you need to know about the entry process including timings, conditions and entry fees.

Choosing a wetsuit

Wetsuits need to be chosen in accordance with FINA Technical Rules of Masters Open Water Swimming – guidance below. Download the entry pack for full details.

  • Water temperature 20 degrees or above: Swimming costumes must comply with FINA requirements (FINA rule BL8)
  • Water temperature 18-19.9 degrees: Competitors may choose to wear a wetsuit or a swimming costume. Both must comply with FINA requirements (FINAL rule BL8.5)
  • Water temperature 16-17.9 degrees: Competitors must wear a FINA approved wetsuit (FINA rule BL 8.5)


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