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Beyond Swim

Beyond Swim is the brainchild of Triathlon England and supported by Swim England and Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS UK).

Its mission is to bring the open water swimming network together and provide leadership for the community so that both venues and swimmers feel connected and supported. Beyond Swim wants open water swimmers to have the best possible experience.

Introducing The Beyond Swim Pass

The swim pass allows you to get the best possible experience from open water swimming. The pass is designed with venues and swimmers at its core and is available for just £30 a year. You’ll then be able to save straight away on your visits to your local accredited venue and take advantage some exclusive offers for pass holders including a free pair of HUUB Googles and discount off wetsuits.

Each time you visit, you’re then able to check in when you arrive and each time you check in it benefits the venue and it benefits you because every ten check ins, you’ll receive a little award.