Synchro skill levels

Young synchronised swimmers performing routine in pool. Learn all about the ASA synchro skill levels here.

As you progress as a synchro swimmer you will need to have your skills tested before you can enter certain competitions. Learn about the different requirements here.

There are five national synchro skill levels which provide an increasing test of ability. The skills booklets below give the exact requirements that swimmers will be marked against when taking their synchro skill level assessments.

The skills booklets refer to certain heights and points that swimmers are required to be out of the water. The ‘Guide to Marking Levels’ document provides further clarification on these heights.

If you aren’t yet ready to gain the national synchro skill levels, the ASA’s Recreational Grade Awards provide a good base level of ability for new swimmers.

  • Click here to view what is required for each Recreational Grade.

Skill Assessment Days

Swimmers can pass these synchro skill levels at assessment days which take place throughout the year.

Click here to head to the ASA Calendar for a list of upcoming skill assessment days.

A list of upcoming skill assessment days is available on the ASA Calendar. Please bear in mind that application forms will typically be available around six weeks before the start of the assessment.

Please note that all athletes attending skill assessment days and competitions are required to bring their Swimmer’s Logbook – click here to download a blank Logbook.

FINA Figures and Required Elements 2013-2017

World governing body FINA have produced documents explaining the figures which are expected to be used at each level of synchronised swimming and the technical elements required for senior solo, duet and team tech routines.

Click the following links to view them.

  • Click here to download the FINA figures document
  • Click here to download the FINA appendix with required elements for senior solo, duet and team technical routines.


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