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Winners revealed for first-ever Level X Artistic Swimming virtual land games

Swim England’s inaugural Level X Artistic Swimming virtual land games has been a ‘huge success’ following the Facebook Live stream which concluded this year’s event.

The virtual event – which is the first-ever Level X Artistic Swimming event – involved entrants filming a routine which was then scored by a panel of judges.

All of Swim England’s category 2 artistic swimmers, Swim Wales and Scottish Swimming equivalent, were invited to put forward one male and one female participant in each of the six age categories.

The winners in each of the categories were revealed during the event which was hosted by Swim England’s artistic swimming manager Karen Thorpe.

“This event allowed our members to experience competition once again and we are thrilled that so many took the chance to take part”, she said. “Everyone put in so much effort and the standard was extremely high.

“We revealed the results during our live stream event which I’m happy to say was a huge success. Some of our top athletes were there to present awards and congratulate the winners which was really special.”

The winners in each category, which are listed below, will now receive an invitation to join a virtual training session with one of the England Artistic Swimming squads.

‘Massive well done’

Olympic hopefuls Isabelle Thorpe and Kate Shortman, who made guest appearances during the live stream, gave some inspirational messages for everyone who took part in the event.

“We just want to say a massive well done to everyone who took part in the Level X competition this weekend”, said Thorpe.

“It’s really important you keep all your land training work going, consolidating all that hard work we’ve been putting in during lockdown so when we’re back together and we’re getting in the pool, we really make use of all this time”, added Shortman.

Thorpe said: “It’s just a few more weeks to go until you guys can get back in the pool so really keep pushing through this tough time and hopefully you can support us up to the Tokyo Olympic Games.”

Captain of Great Britain’s artistic swimming senior team and reserve to the duet, Daniella Lloyd, also delivered a message to the competitors.

“Well done for all your hard work on land, it’s definitely going to pay off. When I got back in the pool after the first lockdown I felt so much stronger and it felt so good to be back in the pool – so just keep going.”

12&U Female

  • 1st: Lena Ramanah-Beck, Salford SSC, 147.70
  • 2nd: Shameiah Nanton, Aqualina, 146.30
  • 3rd: Gracie Payne, Halifax, 138.80

12&U Male

  • 1st: Alfie Morgan, Atlantic, 133.65
  • 2nd: Aaron Lee, Rugby, 93.95

Youth Female

  • 1st: Kiarra Janikova, Aqualina, 148.40
  • 2nd: Holly Hughes, Aquavision, 145.80
  • 3rd: Matilda John, Rugby, 140.20

Youth Male

  • 1st: Maxwell Sewell, Aqualina, 134.60
  • 2nd: Stanley Stiff, Sevenoaks, 104.10

Junior Female

  • 1st: Emma Laycock, Stockport Mo, 126.95
  • 2nd: Olivia Tyers, Rugby, 123.95
  • 3rd: Amelie Williams, Co Bristol, 123.60

Junior Male

  • 1st: Ranjuo Tomblin, Atlantis, 124.80

Senior Female

  • 1st: Verity Page, TBathSynchro, 116.50
  • 2nd: Nia Rushton, Co Bristol, 115.70
  • 3rd: Eloise Sewell, Aqualina, 115.35

Masters Female

  • 1st: Rosie Barrington, Co Leeds Syn, 110.05
  • 2nd: Frances Katz, Aquavision, 108.55
  • 3rd: Louise Chambers, Kingston Syn, 100.55

Masters Male

  • 1st: Martin Harding, Out To Swim, 109.00
  • 2nd: Adam Wightman, Rushmoor Art, 92.35

Masters 41+

  • 1st: Rachel Davies, Rushmoor, 97.25

You can view the full results by clicking here.