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Level X Diving Virtual Dryland Games

Thank you for taking part in the inaugural Swim England Level X Diving Virtual Dryland Games 2021.

We were thrilled to see so many of you during our Facebook live stream event on Saturday 20 March where we announced the winners for each category.

You can view the full results below. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Please select the category from the dropdown list below to view results for the Level X Diving Virtual Dryland Games 2021.

Series 1 Results

8-10 Female

1Isabelle DiaconCo Shef Dive127
2Sophia HarrisStar Diving121
3Aurora GriffithsCo Shef Dive120
4Imogen PooleSouth Dive A118.5
(5)Ella Duthie (Guest)Aberdeen DC116
5Willow Kesteven MCGrathCo Shef Dive112
6Daisy DwyerLuton Diving111.5
(8)Poppy Martin (Guest)Aberdeen DC110.5
7Violet RhodesLuton Diving110.5
(10)Amy Killicoat (Guest)Aberdeen DC109
8Lyla RisingSouthend D109
9Ella SweteSouth Dive A107
10Kaycie IllingworthSouthend D105
11Saule RuikeDive London104.5
12Jamie SimonsStar Diving103
13Florence BrindleyStar Diving102
14Rosie MowerSouthend Db101.5
15Florence TibbattsCambridge DT99.5
16Mollie-Rose CotterSouthend D99
(20)Freya Olsson (Guest)Edinburgh Di98.5
17Abbie FranceCo Shef Dive98
18Emilie ButlerDive London96
18Thea ShirleySouth Dive A96
20Ariana NikpaySW London DC94.5
20Katherine WaitesCo Shef Dive94.5
22Alice JonesPlymouth DC94
22Isla ApplinPlymouth DC94
24Ella HorsfallSouth Dive A93.5
25Alice MorskyjDive London93
26Adrianna HungDive London92
27Ruby HarrisAmersham81
28Sasha RobertsBurscough DC78.5
29Kirsty MatthamsCambridge DT55.5

8-10 Male

(1)Zain Sellar (Guest)Aberdeen DC127.5
1Joshua SaxtonLuton Diving120
2Joseph ForrestSland CDT119.5
3Harry WestburyPlymouth DC115
(5)Blair Crooks (Guest)Aberdeen DC113
(6)Nicolas Currie (Guest)Aberdeen DC110.5
4Felix WheelerCo Leeds DC108.5
5Jesse AshforthCo Shef Dive94.5
6Dominic EmeryCo Leeds DC91.5
7Mason CameronCo Shef Dive84.5

11-13 Female

(1)Anna Duthie (Guest)Aberdeen DC138.5
1Eva LangPlymouth DC136.5
2Etta DodsworthCo Shef Dive135
3Millie RowellDive London132.5
4Chloe StruttCo Shef Dive132
5Charlotte GillettCo Shef Dive130.5
6Hannah GowanCo Shef Dive130
(8)Zara Saines (Guest)Edinburgh Di129.5
7Corin Burrows MackleyCrystal P DC129
(9)Grace Kennedy (Guest)Edinburgh Di129
8Emmanuelle PackerCrystal P DC128.5
8Juliette JohnCrystal P DC128.5
8Tallulah ClarkeCrystal P DC128.5
11Charlotte BelkCo Shef Dive127.5
11Skye Fisher-EamesLuton Diving127.5
13Dimarni Washinton-ScottCo Shef Dive127
14Lexie ClarkeCrystal P DC126.5
15Isabelle ParkinsonCrystal P DC126
(18)Jade Hendrie (Guest)Aberdeen DC126
16Evie TierneySouth Dive A125.5
16Heather RawCo Shef Dive125.5
16Olivia SykesLuton Diving125.5
16Phoebe MorganCrystal P DC125.5
(20)Isla-Grace Henderson (Guest)Edinburgh Di125.5
20Hannah AshdownAlbatross DC125
20Marlene FrankDive London125
22Amelia AldridgeCambridge DT124.5
23Daisy LindsayCo Shef Dive124
24Kalila MccrickardLuton Diving123
(29)Scarlet D’Mellow (Guest)Edinburgh Di123
25Tegan FookesStar Diving122.5
(31)Oksana Yevets (Guest)Edinburgh Di122.5
26Paula FrankDive London122
27Lexi DaviesPlymouth DC121.5
(34)Megan Horsburgh (Guest)Aberdeen DC121.5
28Natalie BarrSouth Dive A121
28Olivia Ewins Luton Diving121
28Rebecca BlohmStar Diving121
(36)Meg Sharman (Guest)Edinburgh Di121
31Charlotte BloodworthCrystal P DC120.5
31Myia RichardsDive London120.5
(40)Amelia Leslie (Guest)Aberdeen DC120.5
33Megan Kinsman-MoorePlymouth DC120
33Poppy JonesPlymouth DC120
35Amelie UnderwoodPlymouth DC119.5
35Evie GillespieAlbatross DC119.5
(45)Georgina Cook (Guest)Edinburgh Di119.5
37Sophie UminskiLuton Diving119
(48)Gemma Sladen (Guest)Edinburgh Di119
(50)Rosie Mantle (Guest)Edinburgh Di118.5
38Wynifred GriffithsSW London DC118
39Aurelia LeeLuton Diving117
39Sienna Rae MillsCrystal P DC117
41Sarah BrockieLuton Diving116.5
41Zara PalmerCo Shef Dive116.5
43Hana CheungSouth Dive A116
44Jaime GilbertDive London115.5
44Ruby Taylor-RossCrystal P DC115.5
(57)Jessica Nearn (Guest)Edinburgh Di115.5
46Natalia PuchalaCorby DC115
47Zia GordonCambridge DT114
48Francesca ProbertSouthend D113.5
(62)Annabel Bostock (Guest)Aberdeen DC113.5
(62)Poppy Reid (Guest)Edinburgh Di113.5
49Scarlett ColbournePlymouth DC113
50Erin O’neillSouthend D112.5
50Abigail PrinslooStar Diving112.5
(68)Elizabeth Marshall (Guest)Edinburgh Di111.5
(68)Hanna Johansson (Guest)Edinburgh Di111.5
(68)Lauren Redman (Guest)Edinburgh Di111.5
52Floss AndrewsCo Brad Div111
53Jessica HowarthLuton Diving110
(72)Sophie Neculai (Guest)Edinburgh Di110
54Lacey HaleSouthend D109
55Lois BruceCo Shef Dive108.5
56Esme NewallAmersham107.5
56Martha TicehurstPlymouth DC107.5
58Ava CowperPlymouth DC107
58Libby SeageAmersham107
(80)Maisy Murray (Guest)Aberdeen DC105.5
(81)Alesha Collins-Falconer (Guest)Aberdare Com105
60Ava PeatHarrogate DC104
60Hannah MordantSouth Dive A104
62Amelie AverySouthend D103.5
62Amélie SpoonerSW London DC103.5
64Samantha BarrSouth Dive A103
65Hannah HopkinsonAmersham99.5
65Ruby BrownBurscough DC99.5
(89)Erin Huish (Guest)Aberdare Com98.5
67Rose MitchellSouth Dive A97.5
68Abigail GatehillDacorum DC97
69Beatrice RattiSW London DC96.5
70Poppy GoswellCorby DC96
71Adema HillCorby DC95.5
72Isabella WillsherSouth Dive A95
72Romy KumarAmersham95
74Frankie JacksonSland CDT94
75Chloe BlackburnHarrogate DC93.5
75Hannah MasseySouthend D93.5
77Gabrielle ReidAmersham91
78Sophia Berry ThorntonSW London DC89
79Georgie McdermottSouth Dive A88.5
79Holly MitchellSouth Dive A88.5
81Daisy DennisonCo Shef Dive79.5

11-13 Male

1Robert WoodCo Shef Dive130
(1)Scott Riddoch (Guest)Aberdeen DC130
2George TaylorStar Diving129.5
3Jorden Fisher-EamesLuton Diving126.5
4Jed BrownSouth Dive A125.5
5Archie BigginCo Shef Dive125
(7)Semyon Bykov (Guest)Aberdeen DC123
6Adam TearleSouth Dive A121
6Fred CrossleyCo Leeds DC121
8Leo RobinettStar Diving120.5
9Noah UnderwoodPlymouth DC119.5
10Sebastian WilcoxCo Shef Dive119
10Simeon GreigCo Shef Dive119
12Rufus BordCambridge DT117.5
13Noah BartleCo Shef Dive117
13Toby WoodSouthend D117
15Charles TibbattsCambridge DT114
16Lucas MoseleyCo Leeds DC112.5
17Oliver HeathPlymouth DC111.5
18Max Havard-WardsDive London110
19Dominic WilliamsCambridge DT109
19William HeathPlymouth DC109
21Oscar WestburyPlymouth DC108.5
22Cory WhiteWWilts DC108
23Jesse CemalDive London107.6
24Jan FleszerCorby DC104.5
24Theo StevensPlymouth DC104.5
(28)Woody Ashby (Guest)Edinburgh Di103.5
(29)Ben Morrice (Guest)Aberdeen DC102
26Kaden Nelson-GursoyDive London101.5
(31)Thomas Mantle (Guest)Edinburgh Di98.5
27Denzil BrookSouthend D98
28Noah ComptonSouth Dive A97.5
29Benjamin MatthamsCambridge DT97
30Felix Di BonaCo Shef Dive93
31Bailey WattsBurscough DC90
32George DernikasStar Diving87
(38)Peter Corkhill (Guest)Edinburgh Di84
33Reuben YoungDive London83
34Gabriel KingSland CDT77.5
35Finn Poyser-SeniorHarrogate DC63

14-17 Female

(1)Libby Duke (Guest)Edinburgh Di123.5
1Daisy HallsCambridge DT123
2Elizabeth HartSouth Dive A122.5
3Jessica IrelandCo Shef Dive121.5
4Lyra Guise TuckerStar Diving120.5
5Abby RustSouthend D119.5
5Caitlin MaythamStar Diving119.5
7Saeren BrettCrystal P DC119
7Olivia WallLuton Diving119
9Libby MitsonCo Leeds DC118.5
10Amelia ScottCo Shef Dive117
10Liberty SmithStar Diving117
12Lucy Gutierrez FreemanPlymouth DC116.5
12Sophie HancoxCo Shef Dive116.5
14Chloe HackettDacorum DC116
15Evie LedgerSouthend D115
15Quinn KettlerDive London115
17Lauren SaundersAlbatross DC114.5
18Molly LefeverAlbatross DC113.5
19Brooke CullenSouthend D113
19Tilly RollinsonLuton Diving113
21Skye BrookSouthend D112.5
22Alliyah OmarLuton Diving111
23Lana WebbDacorum DC110.5
24Lily ChandlerStar Diving109.5
25Evelyn WheelhouseCo Leeds DC109
26Keira HopkinsonStar Diving108.5
26Lauren RobertsonCo Shef Dive108.5
28Claire KettlerDive London107.5
28Brooke RyanCrystal P DC107.5
28Catherine LopezCambridge DT107.5
(29)Niamh Watson (Guest)Edinburgh Di107.5
31Katie TownsendDacorum DC107
31Meah ThorngateAlbatross DC107
33Amy RobertsonCo Shef Dive106.5
33Maia PearsonPlymouth DC106.5
35Rachel ClealSouth Dive A106
36Imogen FitzsimmonsSouth Dive A105.5
37Emma BuckleyAmersham105
(40)Ffion Lightfoot (Guest)Aberdare Com104.5
38Maya PecheAlbatross DC104.5
39Lexi GrinsteadStar Diving103
(42)Millie Roberts (Guest)Aberdare Com103
(44)Lucy Ellie Fraser (Guest)Aberdeen DC102
(45)Amy Stewart (Guest)Aberdeen DC101.5
40Evelyn-Grace JallandHarrogate DC101.5
(47)Eva Davies (Guest)Aberdare Com101
41Eilidh CoweCorby DC100
42Tessa FenwickStar Diving99
(50)Sophia West (Guest)Edinburgh Di95
43Emily JerrimSouth Dive A93.5
44Nancy TrewDive London92
(53)Abigail Carter (Guest)Aberdare Com91.5
(54)Taryn Ward (Guest)Aberdare Com84.5
45Isla FoxCorby DC83
46Evie GrimesBurscough DC78
47Niamh ColleyCorby DC58

14-17 Male

1Oliver WignallSouth Dive A139.5
(2)Ben Sharman (Guest)Edinburgh Di127.5
2Lucas ClaytonCrystal P DC124.5
2Max HillLuton Diving124.5
4Lewis NeilsonCo Shef Dive123.5
(5)Logan SoutarEdinburgh Di123.5
5Toby Murrison- WallerCrystal P DC121.5
6Quinn ShawAlbatross DC120
7Todd GeggusSouthend D118.5
8Hernan Mosqueda-JollyAlbatross DC117.5
(11)Christopher Proudler (Guest)Edinburgh Di117
9Connor LanoSouthend D116.5
9James WestAlbatross DC116.5
(14)matthew marshall (Guest)Edinburgh Di114
(15)Lawrie Banks (Guest)Edinburgh Di112.5
11Declan RoganCo Shef Dive110.5
11Oscar WillcoxCo Shef Dive110.5
(16)Ross Tynan (Guest)Edinburgh Di110.5
13Theo WellingtonCo Shef Dive109
14Archie WainesPlymouth DC107.5
14Rudy Gentry-PeacockCrystal P DC107.5
16Jamie AkermanSouth Dive A107
17Jaspar HussainAmersham104
18Ryan FerraBurscough DC103
19Bevan WoolleySouth Dive A99.5
(26)Jack Reid (Guest)Edinburgh Di94
20Matthew PomfreySland CDT93
21Alex LeonardSouth Dive A83.5

Series 2 Results

You can view the full results here.

Congratulations to everyone who participated!