Institute of Swimming becomes a PWTAG Approved Training Organisation

The Institute of Swimming has become a PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) Approved Training Organisation for their Swimming Pool Technical Operator training.

Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group PWTAG Approved

PWTAG is an independent, membership organisation working on raising standards in the quality and treatment of swimming pool water.

Their guidelines are widely viewed as the best practice, with organisations such as the Health and Safety Executive considering them as the standard to be achieved in effectively managed swimming pools.

PWTAG Director, Ralph Riley said:

“This is a great achievement for the Institute of Swimming and PWTAG is delighted to welcome them in providing swimming pool technical operator training that meets with the PWTAG standards.

This will help to ensure safer pools and healthy swimming.

PWTAG approved training status ensures that if a Swimming Pool wishes to train their technical staff to meet PWTAG requirements, they can find a training provider and course that meets the PWTAG Code of Practice.”

There have been successful prosecutions under health and safety legislation where PWTAG guidelines have not been followed.

As well as safeguarding the public, using a PWTAG Approved Training Organisation protects your reputation and could be vital should you ever be held to account.

Proud to be working with PWTAG

Institute of Swimming Pool Plant Lead Marie Hemsworth said:

“We are proud to be working with PWTAG to raise the standard of pool water treatment.

It’s important for us and the sector that people can enjoy swimming, safe in the knowledge that the correct guidelines have been followed.”

For further details on our PWTAG Approved technical pool operator training please contact