Practical sessions for teaching swimming courses released

While pools were closed, the Institute of Swimming adapted their courses and split the theory and practical elements so everyone had the opportunity to start their swimming teaching qualification online.

Since pools got the green light to open on the 25th of July, they have been working with their partners to set up practical sessions and assessments for their learners waiting to complete their Level 1 or 2 teaching swimming qualifications.

Jenny Norvill, Head of the Institute of Swimming said:

“We have been overwhelmed by the huge number of people who wanted to start their qualification during lockdown and have been focussed on getting our trainee swimming teachers to the pool so they can complete their qualification and move forward with their career.”

“Our partners and tutors have been extremely supportive and we have lots of sessions in the pipeline. We know for many pools, opening their doors again has been an uphill struggle and we are hopeful that in September more will be able to restart their swimming lessons and club sessions.”

Practical Sessions

To ensure everyone’s safety, the Institute of Swimming is keeping the time trainees spend at the pool to a minimum. This means that practical sessions will include some zoom webinars so tutors can cover the last of the course topics, a venue orientation and planning for lessons.

Once at the pool, trainees will have time to prepare for their lesson and meet those they will be working with. After each lesson feedback will be given so trainees can develop through their sessions before a final assessment.

Debbie Hickey, Quality Manager at the Institute of Swimming said:

“Safety has been a huge concern of ours and we need to make sure that our courses follow the Swim England Return to Pool Guidance and the venue policies. We want everyone involved to have a safe and enjoyable experience and still deliver a quality learning environment for our trainees.

This year has thrown us lots of curve-balls but we are determined that it won’t affect the quality of the learning experience and the level of support trainee swimming teachers get on course”

To ensure trainees are ready to implement the Swim England Return to Pools Guidance, the Institute of Swimming have added their e-learning to trainee’s online learning portal so they can complete it before their practical sessions. The e-learning covers the key measures that need to be in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission within the swimming pool environment.

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Assistant Coach and Coach Practical Sessions

The Institute of Swimming is working with Swim England’s regional teams, discipline experts and clubs to plan practical sessions for their coaching certificates. Nationally there is a huge variation with some clubs back in action while many are waiting for pools to reopen.