Teaching doesn’t feel like a job, it is so rewarding. Alison shares her story

Alison always had a love for swimming and had aspirations from a young age to become either a swimming teacher or physical education teacher. She enjoys working with children and has had jobs in several preschools and schools.

To keep fit and active she turned to swimming almost daily. It was at this point in her life that she had the idea to become a swimming teacher,

“I decided that I would like to combine my love of children, swimming and exercise. The idea came after I had turned 50, as my family were grown up and I wanted to do something for me.”

Completing the course

In February 2020 Alison saw an advert about a  Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) with the Institute of Swimming and she plucked up the courage to take the course.

“I was so nervous about taking the course but I enjoyed it so much. It gave me confidence and I met some lovely people.”

She took the course in Hampshire, and the day she passed she immediately started volunteering as a Teaching Assistant.

This experience, plus the support from the Swimming Coordinator, gave her the confidence to believe she could actually become a swimming teacher.

Then the first lockdown was announced, and although this meant Alison could no longer volunteer at the pool, she was inspired to do the theory part of her Level 2 Teaching Swimming course. She completed it in October 2020 and was so proud to have passed.

Becoming a swimming teacher, particularly undertaking the theory element and the lesson plans can be daunting, however, the tutors that support you are brilliant. They genuinely want you to pass and do well. I had read these sorts of comments before, but I just want to say it really is true.”

As soon as pools reopened in April 2021 Alison was able to book onto the practical part of her Level 2 teaching swimming course.

“Finally when the lockdown was lifted and pools reopened I was able to get on one of the first practical courses in Bournemouth. I took the course over two weekends and was so nervous. It was brilliant though and I learnt so much.”

Alison was elated after she found out she had passed and was offered work immediately allowing her to start her career in aquatics.

Reflecting on becoming a swimming teacher

Alison reflects back on her journey to become a swimming teacher, and how she feels about the career,

“The journey was hard, fun and took me right out of my comfort zone but my life has made the most unexpected turn. Teaching doesn’t feel like a job, it is so rewarding.”

Alison feels that becoming a swimming teacher is one of her biggest achievements and has given her the confidence to take on anything now.

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