Tutor tips to help you ace your lesson delivery and swimmer development

We have a series of Tutor Tips to help you ace your lesson delivery and swimmer development. 
Here are the first instalments from our outstanding Programme Leader and Swim England Tutor – Stuart!
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Help swimmers kick with a straight leg in backstroke

Those learning to swim often start with a bent knee rather than straight legs as they are so used to doing this on dry land when kicking a ball. Here are two great solutions to try when swimmers are bending their knees in backstroke.

Keep your swimmer’s Front Crawl hand entry streamlined

When using single-arm front crawl drills, make sure the position of the float doesn’t cause their fingertips to enter the water wide. Change the position of the float and create a streamlined position so they can pull back in a straight line.


Nail your poolside demos for leg action by using reference points.

Poolside demos are one of the most alien things we do as new swimming teachers! Here are Stuart’s top tips when it comes to delivering demos of the stroke’s leg action on poolside.