Pool plant operators; the unsung heroes

Pool plant operators are the unsung heroes of the swimming pool sector and hugely impact the experience and enjoyment of those that use or work around the water.

From ensuring the water is safe to swim in, to creating and maintaining a pleasant environment through an efficiently run plant room, a facilities pool plant operator impacts every single person that enters the pool area.

Have you ever wondered how many people a pool plant operator influences?

Every new PWTAG Approved Pool Plant Operator that has attended one of our courses, could singlehandedly be influencing the conditions of the water for an average of 72,800 swims entries per year.

On average, each of our courses certify enough pool plant operators to influence the experience of 728,000 swims per year. That equates to 98,280,000 swims being impacted by pool plant operators that have come through our courses in just 12 months. If all those swims lasted for just 100m, we’d get to the moon a back.

Daniel Ekema, Pool Plant Programme Leader said:

“We want every swimmer to love the time they spend in the water and these extraordinary numbers highlight the importance of having appropriately trained pool plant operatives which means that our courses and tutors have to be of the highest standards.

To ensure we are teaching best practices, we are a PWTAG approved training provider and work closely with the industry to keep our training relevant to the challenges of the day. We are continually investing in our tutors so they can make the courses as informative and engaging as possible whilst only selecting those of a high enough standard to deliver our courses.”

*Based on an average of 200 swimmer entries per day, per facility.