Peter teaches swimming as a side hustle to his main career

Peter Swimming teacherPeter, 56, from Hastings, is working towards his Level Two Swimming Teacher Qualification. Here he talks about his love of swimming and how he will be using his swimming teaching earnings to support his other freelance income.


Peter says: “I’ve always loved to swim.  I used to work in an architect’s office and every lunch time I would take myself to my local pool.  I found that swimming compensated for being bent over a desk looking at a screen all day. It was relaxing and good for my overall wellbeing.  So I was passionate that my children would swim and took them to lessons.  When they became club swimmers, at the 1066 Swimmers, I became more and more involved.  I really appreciated the value the club brought to the local community, as well as my children, and I started helping out by getting the lane ropes sorted; everything else lead from there.”


Peter qualified as a Swim England Swimming Coach just before the first lockdown, meaning he was able to start coaching as soon as the pools reopened.

“The 1066 Swimmers is a very friendly, welcoming club and it feels fantastic to assist them in their delivery of training, teaching and coaching. A swimming club is so much more than just a sports club, it’s a real community, and it’s very rewarding to be involved.”


He explains:

“It made sense for me to also get my Swimming Teacher Qualifications, and as I’d been impressed with the Institute of Swimming coaching courses it was natural for me to gain my teaching qualifications with them too. This will mean I am able to further support my club and have a side hustle of teaching swimming in addition to my main career, as a model maker.


“The Institute of Swimming’s teacher qualification has been brilliant, it’s been very well delivered and enjoyable. I’ve felt supported by my tutor and feel confident in my new abilities.  I know retraining can sometimes seem daunting, but the qualification is really comprehensive and is suitable for all.  I’m not the youngest on the course and this proves you are never too old to learn new skills.  Not only does the training teach you to understand the strokes and how to develop these strokes for new learners, it also teaches you to improve your interpersonal skills and how to make your lessons fun but safe.”


Peter is excited about what the future holds.

He says:

“I’ve not even completed my level Two qualification and there are already swim schools and leisure operators offering me work once qualified. I plan to teach swimming for a few hours during the week. This will help supplement my model making freelance business, and won’t impact on my family life too much. Working freelance means you are never guaranteed an income, so it’s nice to know my swimming teacher income is a financial buffer.  Added to that, teaching swimming is so rewarding.  It’s lovely to have happy pupils, happy parents and me, a happy teacher!”

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